Cynthia’s Picks: Barbara Hammer, Self-Advocacy Skills, Rotten Reviewers, Provincetown Summit

Barbara Hammer: Our industry lost a legend this week, pioneering queer experimental filmmaker Barbara Hammer. A recent Vanity Fair interview highlighted the inclusive spirit that was a hallmark of her work: “There is room for everyone.”

Self-Advocacy Skills: Five powerhouse women offer advice on how to advocate for yourself – how to speak up about your needs, seek out allies and champion your own work. It’s key to getting ahead.

Rotten Reviewers: Within hours of Captain Marvel’s release a staggering 58,000 online reviews of tanked its rating on Rotten Tomatoes — leaving the film with an abysmal (and inaccurate) score of around 30%. Armchair critics have made similar efforts with ethnically diverse and female-driven films like the Ghostbusters remake, Black Panther and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Finally, Rotten Tomatoes has taken action – deleting the “want to see” score, disabling comments before a film’s release, and revising the layout; future changes may even include having “verified” reviewers. All this to protect inclusive films from the rage of angry fanboys.

Provincetown Summit: Want to advocate for women in the media and get involved on a grassroots level? The next Women’s Media Summit in Provincetown is March 23rd – attend this weekend to help chart the course of the summit’s future.


Cynthia Lopez

Cynthia Lopez Cynthia Lopez is the Executive Director of New York Women in Film & Television and an award-winning media strategist.

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