Terry’s Picks: Screening Series, The Oscars, HP Foundation

Screening Series: NYWIFT is seeking submissions for our fourth annual Women Filmmakers: Immigrant Stories series, which showcases films about women directors and/or producers that about the New York immigrant experience. The deadline to submit your project is February 16.

The Oscars: 48 women were nominated for Oscars this year, tying with the 2016 awards for the most female nominees. Notable nominees include Greta Gerwig, the fifth woman nominated for Best Director; Dee Rees, the first Black woman nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay; and Rachel Morrison, the first woman ever to be nominated for cinematography. These nominations give us hope.

HP Foundation: We are so grateful to NYWIFT member Ha Phuong and her HP Foundation, which has donated more than $50,000 to three NYWIFT initiatives for young women filmmakers.



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