NYWIFT Member Films at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival

From Katie Holmes’ directorial debut to a documentary of the NY Times‘ obituary page, NYWIFT members have been hard at work. Here’s a guideline of who, what, when and where to watch at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival:


All We Had Jane Rosenthal (Producer)

Ruthie continually makes the best of her mother Rita’s hard luck. When their attempt at settling in a new town hits a stumbling block, even Ruthie struggles to keep it together. Based on Annie Weatherwax’s 2014 novel, Katie Holmes’ feature directorial debut is an enriching coming-of-age drama about a resilient mother and daughter who find strength in each other.

almost paris

Almost Paris Domenica Cameron-Scorsese (Director) and Lisa G. Black (Co -Producer)

In the wake of the mortgage lending crisis, a former banker has to return home in order to get back on his feet. Directed by Domenica Cameron-Scorsese, Almost Paris is a story of resilience and redemption where one can rise up, collaborate and give back to those he loves in ways that are priceless.


The Bomb Rebecca Stern (Associate Producer)

the bomb is a groundbreaking multimedia installation that immerses the audience in the strange, compelling, and unsettling reality of today’s nuclear weapon threat. The 55-minute film will be projected 360 degrees on massive floor to ceiling screens that surround the audience, as The Acid performs live in the center of the space. the bomb exists at the intersection of art, politics, and technology. This is a closing night event for Tribeca’s experiential program.


Custody Lauren Versel (Producer)

Legal and intimate family dynamics dovetail in Custody. Starring Viola Davis as an embattled family court judge with a fraught marriage of her own; Hayden Panettiere as a recent law-school grad flung into a custody case; and Catalina Sandino Moreno as the single mother at the center of the case who risks losing her two children over an ill-timed argument.

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Everybody Knows…Elizabeth Murray Kristi Zea (Director/Producer) & Jacki Ochs (Executive Producer)

This tribute to the dynamic artist Elizabeth Murray, an intrinsic figure in New York’s contemporary art landscape from the 1970s until the early 2000s, highlights her struggle to balance personal and family ambition with artistic drive in a male-dominated art world. It also addresses her later battle with cancer, at the peak of her career.


King CobraKim Jackson (Executive Producer)

This ripped-from-the-headlines drama covers the early rise of gay porn headliner Sean Paul Lockhart (Garrett Clayton), a.k.a. Brent Corrigan, before his falling out with the producer (Christian Slater) who made him famous. When Sean decides he’d be better off a free agent, a cash-strapped pair of rival producers (James Franco and Keegan Allen) aim to cash in by any means possible.

the last laugh

The Last Laugh Anne Hubbell (Producer)

When is comedy not funny? Some would argue, when it’s about the Holocaust. Through interviews and performances featuring people on either side of the issue—including Mel Brooks, Sarah Silverman, Louis C.K., Joan Rivers, Chris Rock, and Abe Foxman—as well as a portrait of a resilient survivor, The Last Laugh offers an intelligent and hilarious survey of what is and is not off-limits in comedy, from the Holocaust and beyond.

life animated

Life, AnimatedCarolyn Hepburn (Co -Producer)

Life, Animated is the story of Owen Suskind, a young autistic man who was unable to speak as a child until he discovered a unique way to communicate, developed by immersing himself in the world of animated Disney films. Owen’s inspirational story is a potent reminder that stories serve as a powerful means of persevering through dark times and moving us all toward the light.

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Memories of a Penitent HeartPatricia Benabe (Producer)

Like many gay men in the 1980s, Miguel moved from Puerto Rico to New York City; he found a career in theater and a rewarding relationship. Yet, on his deathbed he grappled to reconcile his homosexuality with his Catholic upbringing. Now, decades after his death, his niece Cecilia locates Miguel’s estranged lover to understand the truth, and in the process opens up long-dormant family secrets.


Obit Kristin Bye (Editor)

Within the storied walls of The New York Times, a team of writers is entrusted with reflecting upon the luminaries, icons, and world leaders of our day. Vanessa Gould’s fascinating documentary introduces us to those responsible for crafting the unequaled obituaries of the NYT. As we’re taken through their painstaking process, we learn about the pressures accompanying a career spent shaping the story of a life.



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Directed by Domenica Cameron Scorsese
Co-Producer Lisa G Black

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