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S. Ankhra, Pi-Isis S. Ankhra, Pi-Isis
Director, Producer, Writer
P.S. 314
Sabad, Cheyenne Sabad, Cheyenne
Production Coordinator, Production Manager, Production Supervisor
Sachs, Lynne Sachs, Lynne
Sadi, Hanadi Sadi, Hanadi
Sadofsky, Christine Sadofsky, Christine
Corporate Executive
Integro USA Inc.
Safer, Julie Safer, Julie
Civic Entertainment Group
Sagenkahn, Samuel Sagenkahn, Samuel
Actor, Production Finance
Salazar, Johanna Salazar, Johanna
Creative Director, Development Executive, Executive Producer
Two Goats, Inc.
Salicrup Junco, Zoe Salicrup Junco, Zoe
Director, Producer
Salovaara, Sarah Salovaara, Sarah
Director, Writer
Salvino, Jill Salvino, Jill
Just Jill Productions
Samuel, Liz Samuel, Liz
Samuelson, Kristin Samuelson, Kristin
Actor, Producer
Sanchez, Will Sanchez, Will
Sanders, Sarah Sanders, Sarah
Actor, Producer
Sandler, Joanne Sandler, Joanne
Sanko, Alana Sanko, Alana
Producer, Writer
Santangelo, Patricia Santangelo, Patricia
Marketing Executive, Sales, Writer
Patricia Santangelo & Associates
Santangelo, Vincent Santangelo, Vincent
Web Developer/Designer
Pixel Marsala
Santeix, Elizabeth Santeix, Elizabeth
Interactive Media
Amazon Pixels
Sassman, Taylor Sassman, Taylor
Camera Operator, Production Coordinator, Still Photographer
Advanced Systems Group / YouTube Space
Sastry, Pallavi Sastry, Pallavi
Actor, Producer
Team Access Productions
Saucedo, Melissa Saucedo, Melissa
The Documentary Group
Savarese, Gail Savarese, Gail
Marketing Director
Paramount on Location
Sawicki, Marie Sawicki, Marie
Business Affairs Executive
Sax, Wendy Sax, Wendy
Associate Producer, Curator, Development Executive
Moving Stories Inc.
Scarvalone, Maria Scarvalone, Maria
Anchor/Reporter, Director, Producer
Maria Scarvalone Productions
Schaefer, Leslye Schaefer, Leslye
Marketing Executive
Schatz, Amy Schatz, Amy
Director, Producer
Scheinman, Catherine Scheinman, Catherine
Business Affairs Executive
Consulate General of Canada in New York
Schell, Alden Schell, Alden
Associate Producer, Marketing Executive
Scherer, Caitlin Scherer, Caitlin
Producer, Writer
Schewel, Amy Schewel, Amy
Development Executive, Producer, Researcher
Schiavi, MaryLynn Schiavi, MaryLynn
Anchor/Reporter, Journalist, Producer
Prosperity Communications LLC
Schiff, Beth Schiff, Beth
Casting Director, Talent Coordinator
You Choose Creative
Schmitt, Emily Schmitt, Emily
Associate Producer, Writer
LPI Films
Schneider, Stacy Schneider, Stacy
Anchor/Reporter, Publicist, Writer
The Huffington Post/Stacy Schneider Real Estate
Schoenewald, Jennifer Schoenewald, Jennifer
Actor, Executive Producer, Gaffer/Electrician
Schoenfeld, Dana Schoenfeld, Dana
Development Executive, Producer, Writer
Main Sequence Entertainment
Schon, Joelle D. Schon, Joelle D.
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Supervisor
c/o Living Books
Schott-Wagner, Tracy Schott-Wagner, Tracy
Director, Producer, Writer
Schott Productions
Schramm, Nadine Schramm, Nadine
Production Services
Budd Enterprises, Ltd.
Schreger, cody Schreger, cody
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
Schrier Kafshi, Daniela Schrier Kafshi, Daniela
Schroeder, Gwen Schroeder, Gwen
Director, Producer, Production Manager
JOIA Pictures
Schroeter, Ani Schroeter, Ani
Production Services
A&E Networks
Schur, Joshua Schur, Joshua
Park Avenue Creative
Schur, Kenneth Schur, Kenneth
Post-Production Services
Park Avenue Post, Inc.
Schure, Adrienne Schure, Adrienne
Interactive Media
Keys to Learning
Schwartz, Esq., Rose Schwartz, Esq., Rose
Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo, P.C.
Schwartz, Robbin Schwartz, Robbin
RCS Consulting
Schwedler, Romina Schwedler, Romina
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Scibilia, Dawn Scibilia, Dawn
Director, Producer
Scibona, Meghan Scibona, Meghan
Actor, Director, Producer
Small Media Extra Large, LLC
Sclafani, Margaret Sclafani, Margaret
Camera Assistant, Camera Operator, Cinematographer
Scott, Caileigh Scott, Caileigh
Actor, Writer
Scott, Chinisha Scott, Chinisha
Director, Educator, Producer
Scott, Stephanie Scott, Stephanie
Consultant, Educator
Scott-Ward, Gillian Scott-Ward, Gillian
Back to Natural LLC
Scott-Young, Mona Scott-Young, Mona
Executive Producer
Monami Entertainment
Seagraves, Brianna Seagraves, Brianna
Actor, Producer, Writer
Society B. Productions, LLC
Seavey, Ava Seavey, Ava
Executive Producer, Writer
Avalanche Creative Services, Inc.
Sebring-Forman, Barbara Sebring-Forman, Barbara
Casting Associate, Choreographer, Composer
Dollface LLC
Seed, Rachel Seed, Rachel
Cinematographer, Director, Producer
Seeds, Sarah Seeds, Sarah
Actor, Producer, Writer
Sarah Seeds Productions
Seely, Madison Seely, Madison
DDB Worldwide
Segal, Gail Segal, Gail
Assistant Arts Professor
New York University
Seibicke, Uta Seibicke, Uta
Casting Director, Director
Casting Uta Seibicke
Seidenberg, Robert Seidenberg, Robert
Law Office of Robert A. Seidenberg
Seigel, Robert Seigel, Robert
Attorney, Consultant
Law Office of Robert L. Seigel
Sellars, Stephanie Sellars, Stephanie
Actor, Producer, Writer
Immortality Productions
Selmon Roberts, Lauren Selmon Roberts, Lauren
NBC Peacock Productions
Selwocki, Amy Selwocki, Amy
Senior Producer
Semmunegus, Teresa Semmunegus, Teresa
Producer, Production Manager, Researcher
Sena Murray, Natalie Sena Murray, Natalie
Director, Writer
Senatore, Manuela Senatore, Manuela
Skilla Productions
Serper, Noelle Serper, Noelle
Editor: Film/Video, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer
Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly
Sewell, Amy Sewell, Amy
Shaffer, Deborah Shaffer, Deborah
Director, Producer
Shah, Hakimah Shah, Hakimah
Shah, Sejal Shah, Sejal
Actor, Choreographer
Shalit, Shira-Lee Shalit, Shira-Lee
Director, Writer
Shalofsky, Stephanie Shalofsky, Stephanie
Marketing Executive, Production Executive
The Organizing Zone, Inc.
Shanley, Claire Shanley, Claire
Post-Production Services, Technical Director
Shannon, Lesley Shannon, Lesley
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
Shapiro, Diana Shapiro, Diana
Actor, Writer
Shapiro, Felicia Shapiro, Felicia
Shapiro Marketing
Shapiro, Maddie Shapiro, Maddie
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
MaddShap Productions
Sharf, Monica Sharf, Monica
Director, Producer
Sharp, Colleen Sharp, Colleen
Editor: Film/Video
Shaw, Adriana Shaw, Adriana
Curator, Distributor
Shaw, Christine Shaw, Christine
Associate Producer, Director, Director of Photography
Shaw, Elivia Shaw, Elivia
Associate Producer, Production Coordinator
Al Jazeera English
Shaw, Jenn Shaw, Jenn
Shaw, Pamela Shaw, Pamela
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over
Shearing, Leslie Shearing, Leslie
Director, Producer, Writer
Shechter, Therese Shechter, Therese
Director, Producer, Writer
Trixie Films
Sheehan, Kelly Sheehan, Kelly
Producer, Production Executive, Production Services
Rainlake Media
Shemesh, Orly Shemesh, Orly
Co-Founder and Co-Producer
Gladiolus Productions, LLC
Shepherd, Cherrie Shepherd, Cherrie
Director, Producer
Cherrie Shepherd Media & Entertainment
Sherman, Keith Sherman, Keith
Keith Sherman & Associates
Sherr, Sande Sherr, Sande
Actor, Educator, Narrator/Voice-Over
Sherry, Gemma Sherry, Gemma
Director of Music Licensing
Freeplay Music LLC
Sheskin, Emily Sheskin, Emily
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Shigekawa, Marlene Shigekawa, Marlene
Director, Producer, Writer
Shih, Patricia Shih, Patricia
Shih Enterprises, Inc.
Shin, Caroline Shin, Caroline
Cooking with Granny
Shipman, Susan Shipman, Susan
Shivdasani, Aroon Shivdasani, Aroon
Casting Director, Corporate Executive, Development Executive
Indo American Arts Council
Shockley, Lori Shockley, Lori
Consultant, Producer, Writer
Shore, Nancy Shore, Nancy
Actor, Writer
SAG-AFTRA, Actors' Equity, Dramatists Guild
Shreve, leslie Shreve, leslie
Actor, Make Up Artist, Narrator/Voice-Over
Circle Communications Group
Shron, Marina Shron, Marina
Director, Educator, Writer
Cuckoo's Nest Films
Siberini, Samantha Siberini, Samantha
Actor, Production Assistant
Siegal, Peggy Siegal, Peggy
Peggy Siegal Company
Siegel, Rebecca Siegel, Rebecca
Silvera, Viviane Silvera, Viviane
Director, Producer, Writer
Feel Memory, LLC
Silverman, Joan Silverman, Joan
Attorney, Personal Manager, Talent Coordinator
Multi-Ethnic Talent
Silverman, Renee Silverman, Renee
Other Islands Films
Silverstein, Melissa Silverstein, Melissa
Consultant, Journalist, Writer
Simmons, Raushanah Simmons, Raushanah
ReelMavens LLC
Simon, Christiana Simon, Christiana
Acquisitions, Development Executive, Production Executive
Nutthouse Moving Pictures Company
Simon-Kennedy, Ani Simon-Kennedy, Ani
Bicephaly Pictures
Simpson, CJ Simpson, CJ
Art Director
Singer, Paola Singer, Paola
Singh, Amrita Singh, Amrita
Singh, Andeep Singh, Andeep
Singh, Rashmi Singh, Rashmi
Actor, Executive Producer, Writer
Singleton, Kimberly Singleton, Kimberly
Production Finance
CBS News
Sipprelle, Susan Sipprelle, Susan
Tree of Life Productions
Siracusa, Michelle Siracusa, Michelle
Actor, Composer, Narrator/Voice-Over
Skadden, Elizabeth Skadden, Elizabeth
Director, Producer
Skipper, Andrea Skipper, Andrea
Skirboll, Melissa Skirboll, Melissa
Actor, Director, Writer
LifeDream Productions
Skoog, Susan Skoog, Susan
Director, Producer, Writer
Montclair State University
Slattery, Colleen Slattery, Colleen
Actor, Producer
slavin, fredda slavin, fredda
Art Director, Production Designer
Slayter, Morning Slayter, Morning
Director, Producer, Sound Recordist
Morning Slayter Fine Art
Slife, Lara Slife, Lara
Actor, Producer
Livin' Large Productions LLC.
Director, Producer, Writer
Creedmoria Productions LLC
Sloane, Julie Sloane, Julie
Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Slotnick, Amy Slotnick, Amy
Slingshot Films
Smith, Asha Smith, Asha
Attorney, Hair Stylist, Make Up Artist
Asha Smith, Makeup Artist dba FacesbyAsha
Smith, Caitlin Smith, Caitlin
Above Average
Smith, Mam Smith, Mam
Stunt Person/Coordinator
Action Experts
Smith, Martha Smith, Martha
Secretary/ Treasurer
Local 764
Smith, Michael Smith, Michael
Local USA 829
Smith, Miranda Smith, Miranda
Coordinating Producer, Producer, Writer
Antenna International
Smith, Roetta-Lee Smith, Roetta-Lee
Actor, Producer, Writer
The Roetta Group Productions
Smith, Stacey Smith, Stacey
Business Affairs Executive, Producer, Production Finance
CinePointe Advisors
Smith, Suzanne Smith, Suzanne
Director, Producer, Writer
Smith, Vanessa Smith, Vanessa
Producer, Set Decorator
Smith, Yvonne Smith, Yvonne
Director, Producer, Writer
Brazen Hussy Productions
Smith-Harris, Megan Smith-Harris, Megan
Director, Producer, Writer
Pyewackitt Productions, Inc
Snider, Sarena Snider, Sarena
Archival Producer
Lens Magnetic
Snowdon, Jennifer Snowdon, Jennifer
Make Up Artist
Snyder, Maggie Snyder, Maggie
Actor, Producer, Writer
Marigold Films LLC
Soare, Cristina Soare, Cristina
Soccor, Maria Soccor, Maria
Actor, Director, Producer
Maria Soccor Productions, Inc.
Sohnen, Roz Sohnen, Roz
Director, Educator, Producer
Roz Sohnen Productions/Skyline Video Productions
Sokolow, Diane Sokolow, Diane
Executive Producer, Producer
Sokolow & Company
Solem, Wendy Solem, Wendy
Server & Playout Operator/Transmission
Soler-Williams, Zaida Soler-Williams, Zaida
Music Supervisor, Post-Production Supervisor, Technical Director
Lion's Roar Entertainment
Solomon, Debra Solomon, Debra
Director, Narrator/Voice-Over
I Wanna Know Everyone Inc.
Solomon, Simone Solomon, Simone
Aspiro AB c/o TIDAL
Solomonoff, Julia Solomonoff, Julia
Director, Writer
Sommers, Louise Sommers, Louise
Miller Korzenik Sommers LLP
Soo, Jenny Soo, Jenny
Producer, Production Services
Steiner Studios
Sosi, Melene Sosi, Melene
Actor, Producer, Writer
Soto, Sephora Rosario Soto, Sephora Rosario
Production Coordinator
11B Productions
Souare, Djaka Souare, Djaka
Actor, Development Executive
Goldcrest Films
Sowa, Lauren Sowa, Lauren
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Still Photographer
Spektor, Mira Spektor, Mira
The Aviva Players
Spillane, Mimi Spillane, Mimi
Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer, Writer
Spina, Lucia Spina, Lucia
Spitz, Michele Spitz, Michele
Woman of Her Word
Spooner, Dominique Spooner, Dominique
Production Coordinator
Sporer, Andrea Sporer, Andrea
Business Affairs Executive
Scholastic Entertainment Inc.
Sporn, Pamela Sporn, Pamela
Director, Educator
Sprecher, Amy Sprecher, Amy
Consultant, Executive Producer, Programming
The Sprecher Company, LLC.
Spruch, Caren Spruch, Caren
Corporate Executive
Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc.
Spurling, Lucinda Spurling, Lucinda
Director, Writer
Afflare Films Ltd
Sroka, Iris Sroka, Iris
Consultant, Educator, Researcher
Paradigm Research & Consulting
Staab, Katie Staab, Katie
Producer, Writer
Stainer, Julie Stainer, Julie
Project Manager/Director
Stankay, William Stankay, William
Composer, Sound Mixer
Sunfall Records
Stanton, Tsu Tsu Stanton, Tsu Tsu
Associate Producer, Casting Director, Personal Manager
Tsu Tsu Unlimited
Stapleton, Lara Stapleton, Lara
Educator, Writer
Borough of Manhattan Community College - CUNY
Starbuck, Lesley Starbuck, Lesley
Actor, Producer, Writer
Stecher, Robyn Stecher, Robyn
Talent Agent
Don Buchwald & Associates
Steiger, Susan Steiger, Susan
Stein Schimke, Joan Stein Schimke, Joan
Stender, Stephanie Stender, Stephanie
Director, Executive Producer, Writer
Doorstop Productions
Stennett, Erana Stennett, Erana
Sterbenz, Liz Sterbenz, Liz
Director, Executive Producer, Producer
Green Means Go Productions, Inc.
Stern, Peggy Stern, Peggy
Development Executive, Director, Producer
Gladeyes films
Stevens, Amy Stevens, Amy
Showtime Networks
Stevens, Lauren Stevens, Lauren
Producer/Managing Partner
Wonder City LLC
Stevens, Maxanne Stevens, Maxanne
Stewart, Linda Stewart, Linda
Camera Operator, Producer, Writer
Bogard Productions
Stoeffhaas, Lois Stoeffhaas, Lois
Make Up Artist
Stokes, Kyle Ann Stokes, Kyle Ann
Stolman, Lara Stolman, Lara
Director, Producer, Writer
Woodland Park Productions
Stone, Petra Stone, Petra
Director, Festival Administrator, Producer
Papyrus Trinity Star, LLC
Straus, Cynthia Straus, Cynthia
Actor, Producer
Strauss, Orlee-Rose Strauss, Orlee-Rose
Associate Producer, Development Executive, Producer
Streetman, Leah Streetman, Leah
Music Supervisor, Producer
Triton Creative Group, LLC
Streich, Nina Streich, Nina
Festival Administrator, Nonprofit Administrator, Producer
Global Peace Film Festival
Strickler, Susan Strickler, Susan
Director, Producer
Strickman, Jill Strickman, Jill
Business Affairs Executive, Casting Director
Genuine: The Real People Company
Strobl, Victoria Strobl, Victoria
Development Executive, Producer
Strongin, Amy Strongin, Amy
Director, Producer, Writer
The History Channel
Stuart, Emelyn Stuart, Emelyn
Stuart Films, LLC
Stuart, Nick Stuart, Nick
Transform Films Inc.
Stuart-Kaplan, Wendy Stuart-Kaplan, Wendy
Alan Kaplan Studio
Stucky, Caroline Stucky, Caroline
Camera Operator, Director, Director of Photography
Stutesman, Drake Stutesman, Drake
Educator, Researcher, Writer
Styron, Susanna Styron, Susanna
Eleventh Hour Films
Subrin, Elisabeth Subrin, Elisabeth
Director, Writer
Sudo, Shinako Sudo, Shinako
Director, Producer, Writer
Suggs, Jeanne Suggs, Jeanne
Director, Producer
Suggs Media Productions
Suissa, Mathilde Suissa, Mathilde
Actor, Director, Production Assistant
Sullivan, Katherine Sullivan, Katherine
Network Release Supervisor
Disney ABC Television
Summers, Carlotta Summers, Carlotta
Filmmaker / Actor / Writer
Surles, Larnice Surles, Larnice
Producer, Writer
Sutherland, Melanie Sutherland, Melanie
Director & Producer
Wrist Art
Sutton, LeVera Sutton, LeVera
Actor, Camera Assistant, Writer
Swanson, Melanie Swanson, Melanie
Make Up Artist
Sweeney, Laura Sweeney, Laura
Actor, Director, Writer
Fresh Cup Productions LLC
Sykes, Rosemary Sykes, Rosemary
Production Executive, Programming, Television Executive
Sylvester, Nicole Sylvester, Nicole
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Autumn Rain Features
Szydagis, Matilda Szydagis, Matilda
Actor, Director, Writer
Your Team Productions