Hanadi Sadi



Full Bio
Hanadi was born in 1973 in Damascus, Syria where she grew up. She started acting at 9 years old when she got her first TV role in 1982 next to Syria's then most prominent actress Mona Wassef after winning the Best Child Actress award in Syria's National Talents Contest for Elementary Schools. She kept winning the award for three consecutive years. She kept acting and singing in plays and concerts in middle school and high school throughout college where she won Best Actress award in National University Theater Festival in 1997 while she was completing her postgraduate degree from Damascus University.

After graduation, Hanadi freelanced as a subtitling translator of popular American and English-spoken movies and TV productions while performing scores of voiceover lead roles in dubbed animation films and anime series for many recording studios and production companies located in Damascus. She also worked as a local news reporter for a popular pan-Arab TV channel while acting in different roles in Syrian dra

Writer's Group works
Screenplay (Drama, Family)
Log Line:
Amina partners with her cousin Sara in a journey towards self-empowerment.
Shades of Disappointment
Screenplay (Comedy, Drama, Family)
Log Line:
A Middle Eastern woman sneaks out of her restrictive environment to go watch a romantic movie with her friends. The little adventure turns into an explosive experience clearing her attitude towards her daughter’s ordeal.
When Afaf and her friends defy the odds to go watch the romantic film Fifty Shades at the movies, their little adventure opens closed tunnels and unhealed wounds, especially for Afaf who used to be an avid reader of such romantic novels in her Arabic native language back home when she was a teenager until her dreams were buried into a forced marriage. Now that her daughter Farah is facing the same ordeal of forced marriage, Afaf goes back home with a clear vision as to what her stance must be and it’s certainly different than the one her own mother had.