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MacCrae, Taylor MacCrae, Taylor
Director, Producer, Writer
Mackenzie, Mollie Mackenzie, Mollie
Line Producer, Production Manager
Mackey, Carol Mackey, Carol
Consultant, Marketing Executive, Writer
Self Employed
Maclaury, Susan Maclaury, Susan
Nonprofit Administrator, Producer
Shine Global Inc.
Maguire, Katie Maguire, Katie
Actor, Producer, Writer
Malecki, Lee Malecki, Lee
Props, Set Decorator, Set Dresser
Marchelya, Rita Marchelya, Rita
Actor, Producer, Writer
Margolin, Susan Margolin, Susan
Acquisitions, Distributor, Sales
Cinedigm Entertainment Group/New Video
Mariager, Ann Mariager, Ann
Journalist, Producer, Writer
Media Madness
Marion, Annetta Marion, Annetta
Director, Producer, Showrunner
Marks, Constance Marks, Constance
Constance Marks Productions
Marouda, Christina Marouda, Christina
Director of Development
Museum of the Moving Image
Marquis, Megan Marquis, Megan
Post-Production Services, Post-Production Supervisor, Production Coordinator
Light Iron
Marshall, Julie-Ann Marshall, Julie-Ann
Producer, Production Manager, Production Services
J Marshall Events Inc
Marter, Annie Marter, Annie
Producer, Writer
Martin, J. Daniel Martin, J. Daniel
Line Producer, Production Executive
Chimney Cottage Productions
Martinez, Valerie Martinez, Valerie
Corporate Executive
Maslow, Jillian Maslow, Jillian
Costume Designer, Props, Wardrobe
Jillian Maslow Design
Maslow, Linda Maslow, Linda
Maslow Media
Masone, Marian Masone, Marian
Curator, Exhibitor, Festival Administrator
Film Society of Lincoln Center
Mattison, Priscilla Mattison, Priscilla
Bernard M. Resnick, Esq., P.C.
Maurin, Gayle Maurin, Gayle
Executive Producer, Fundraising/Development, Marketing Executive
The Golden Goose Unlimited
McCarron, Cheryl McCarron, Cheryl
Costume Designer
McCormick, Sabrina McCormick, Sabrina
McCreesh, Janet McCreesh, Janet
Production Manager
Masterpieces Unfolded
McGarry, Frances McGarry, Frances
Actor, Educator, Producer
First Online with Fran
McGoldrick, Janine McGoldrick, Janine
McGuire, Ginger McGuire, Ginger
Corporate Executive
Original Media LLC
McLean, Jeanine McLean, Jeanine
Corporate Executive
MBK Entertainment Inc./MBK Films Inc.
McMahan, Alison McMahan, Alison
Director, Producer, Writer
Homunculus Productions
Meckler, Ellen Meckler, Ellen
Script Supervisor, Writer
Medina, Victoria Medina, Victoria
Actor, Still Photographer, Writer
Victoria Medina Photography
Mehrel, Lilian Mehrel, Lilian
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Melamede, Yael Melamede, Yael
Salty Features
Melodia, Lisa Melodia, Lisa
Meola, Nicole Meola, Nicole
Narrator/Voice-Over, Television Executive
Showtime Networks
Meyer, Barbara Meyer, Barbara
Actor, Producer, Writer
Black Jaguar Films
Meyers, Deborah Meyers, Deborah
Corporate Executive
Showtime Networks, Inc.
Michel, Easmanie Michel, Easmanie
Assistant Editor, Director
Michelson, Barbara Michelson, Barbara
Executive Producer, Producer
Micklin Silver, Joan Micklin Silver, Joan
Director, Writer
Miles, Maria Miles, Maria
Millan, Miriam Millan, Miriam
Yeshiva University
Miller, Andrea Miller, Andrea
Producer, Production Executive
Anthos Media
Miller, Barbara Miller, Barbara
Production Finance, Production Services
Miller Productions Corporation
Miller, Beverly Miller, Beverly
Local USA 829
Miller, Linda Miller, Linda
Production Finance, Production Supervisor
Miller Productions Corp.
Miller, Patricia Miller, Patricia
Television Executive
CBS Corporation
Miller, Victoria Miller, Victoria
Associate Producer
Merchant Cantos
Millman, Roland Millman, Roland
Director of Photography, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Bright Screen Productions
Mintz, Carol Mintz, Carol
Post-Production Services, Sales
Mintzer Adler, Alice Mintzer Adler, Alice
Executive Producer
Mitchell-Brown, Florence Mitchell-Brown, Florence
Entertainment Partners
Mode, Emily Mode, Emily
Assistant Editor, Director, Researcher
Mompoint, Marie Mompoint, Marie
Actor, Still Photographer, Writer
Moore, Amanda Moore, Amanda
Attorney, Consultant, Researcher
Moore, Erin Moore, Erin
Good Eye Video
Moore, Kathryn Moore, Kathryn
Associate Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Video Graphics
moreno, a. sayeeda moreno, a. sayeeda
Sin Salida Productions
Morgan, Debbie Morgan, Debbie
Actor, Publicist
Morgan, Julia Morgan, Julia
Assistant Director, Development Executive, Producer
Morrison, Julia Morrison, Julia
Producer, Writer
Paper Chain Productions, LLC
Mullen, Ruth Mullen, Ruth
Interactive Media, Producer, Production Coordinator
Munro-Kennerly, Erika Munro-Kennerly, Erika
Business Affairs Executive
Murano, Nina Murano, Nina
Actor, Composer, Writer
Murphy, Marilynn Murphy, Marilynn
Professional Artists Talent Agency
Murphy, Rosalind Murphy, Rosalind
Consultant, Interactive Media, Marketing Executive
Muskatt, Rosalie Muskatt, Rosalie
Executive Producer
Inwood Productions
Myers, Sontenish Myers, Sontenish
Freelance Production Assistant
Mysel, Linda Mysel, Linda
Production Finance, Production Manager