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Iacobellis, Lisa Iacobellis, Lisa
The Ohio State University Libraries, Rare Books & Manuscripts
Iacobuzio, Janet Iacobuzio, Janet
Graceful Dominion, Inc.
Ianello, Valerie Ianello, Valerie
Post Production: asst Editor/ graphics
Iannotti, Lauren Iannotti, Lauren
Senior Entertainment Editor
O Magazine
Ibarra, Cristina Ibarra, Cristina
Assistant Editor, Director, Producer
Iberti, Elissa Iberti, Elissa
Costume Designer
Iberti, Joseph Iberti, Joseph
Bootleg Productions, Inc.
Idelson, Adam Idelson, Adam
Producer, Writer
Ieight, Warren Ieight, Warren
Swingline Productions Inc
Ievoli, Susan Ievoli, Susan
History Channel/AETN
igbokwe, Pearlena igbokwe, Pearlena
Senior Vice President, Original Programming
Iger, Amanda Iger, Amanda
Iger, Robert Iger, Robert
The Walt Disney Company
Igweatu, Uzy Igweatu, Uzy
Ethis Communications, Inc
Iimura, Akiko Iimura, Akiko
Iles, Chrissie Iles, Chrissie
Head Curator, Film& Video
Whitney Museum of American Art/ Film Dept.
Ilesanmi, Kemi Ilesanmi, Kemi
Director, Grants & Services
Creative Capital Foundation
Ilic, Biljana Ilic, Biljana
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Illidge, Cassandra Illidge, Cassandra
Regional Market Development Manager
Getty Images
Illidge, Joseph Illidge, Joseph
Verge Entertainment
Imamura, Kirk Imamura, Kirk
Avatar Studios
Imber, Abby Imber, Abby
Actor, Director, Producer
Imperioli, Michael Imperioli, Michael
Studio Dante
Imperioli, Victoria Imperioli, Victoria
Studio Dante
Importico, Nicole Importico, Nicole
Production Coordinator
Imran, Kiran Imran, Kiran
Provincial Assembly Punjab
Imura, Nillie Imura, Nillie
Editor: Film/Video
Ince, Claire Ince, Claire
Nonprofit Administrator, Producer, Writer
Kicker Media Inc.
Industry City Vodka, Ronak Industry City Vodka, Ronak
Industry City Vodka
Infanti, Daniel Infanti, Daniel
VP, Marketing & Communications
Sharp Electronics Corp.
Ingall, Andrew Ingall, Andrew
Assistant Curator Broadcast Archive and Media
Jewish Museum
Inge, Leoneda Inge, Leoneda
Knight-Bagehot Journalism Fellow
Columbia University School of Journalism
Ingino, Diane Ingino, Diane
Director, Producer, Writer
Inglis, Mitzi Inglis, Mitzi
Raymond Vineyards
Inhofer, Patrick Inhofer, Patrick
The Moving Pictures Collective of NYC
Iniego, Sheila Iniego, Sheila
Office Production Assistant
life n mars
Innes, Charlotte Innes, Charlotte
Innovative Merchant Solutions, Hyatt Innovative Merchant Solutions, Hyatt
Innovative Merchant Solutions
Innovative Merchant Solutions, Riz Innovative Merchant Solutions, Riz
Tech Support
Innovative Merchant Solutions
Insdorf, Annette Insdorf, Annette
Director, Undergraduate Film Studies
Columbia University
Insdorf, Cecile Insdorf, Cecile
c/o Annette Insdorf
Inserra, Lovisa Inserra, Lovisa
Governess Films
Insinna, Paul Insinna, Paul
Law Office of Paul Insinna
Inskip, Marnie Inskip, Marnie
Director, Producer, Writer
Intermedia, Email Hosting Intermedia, Email Hosting
Tech Support
Interstate, Cheetah Interstate, Cheetah
Cheetah Interstate
Intrator, Peggy Intrator, Peggy
Consultant, Educator
Introcaso-Davis, Amy Introcaso-Davis, Amy
VP Production and Development
Bravo Networks
Iny, Lana Iny, Lana
Vice President/Media Relations
Iny, Lana Iny, Lana
VP Media Relations
Ioachim, Jackie Ioachim, Jackie
Vice President, Public Relations
Showtime Networks
Iossa, Lauren Iossa, Lauren
Asst. VP, Marketing & Promotions
Iovanna, Carol Iovanna, Carol
Ippolito, Dianna Ippolito, Dianna
Iras, Jennifer Iras, Jennifer
Comcast Corporation
Ireland, Dawn Ireland, Dawn
Head Dog
Dawn Ireland - Writer and Artistic Origins Inc
Iris, Denise Iris, Denise
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Irish, Katie Irish, Katie
Costume Designer, Stylist
Katie Irish Design
Irish, Katie Irish, Katie
Costumer - Shop
Iron, Light Iron, Light
Light Iron
Ironside, David Ironside, David
Paraview, Inc.
Irvine, Kerry Irvine, Kerry
Hair Stylist
Irving, Azha Irving, Azha
Irwin, Janice Irwin, Janice
Post-Production Services, Production Services
Irwin, Pat Irwin, Pat
PI Music
Isaacman, Carrie Isaacman, Carrie
Producer / Actor
Isaacs, Caryn Isaacs, Caryn
The Patient's Advocate"
Isabel, Burton Isabel, Burton
Deputy Editor
Isabel, Lonnie Isabel, Lonnie
Associate Professor
Isely, Ren'E Isely, Ren'E
Business Affairs Executive, Consultant, Corporate Executive
Isenberg, Carole Isenberg, Carole
Corporate Executive
Heart On
Ishak, Maria Ishak, Maria
Acquisitions, Sales
Blue Chalk Media
Ishihara, Jenny Ishihara, Jenny
Production Coordinator, Talent Coordinator
Ishikawa, Jason Ishikawa, Jason
Manager of Acquisitions
Film Sales Company
Ishikawa, Jason Ishikawa, Jason
The Film Sales Company
Ishizuka, Karen Ishizuka, Karen
Japanese American National Museum
Isles, Alexandra Isles, Alexandra
Director, Producer, Writer
Chalice Well Productions
Isobe, Jean Isobe, Jean
Corporate Executive, Marketing Executive
Israel, Nancy Israel, Nancy
Development Executive, Educator, Producer
Israel, Rebecca Israel, Rebecca
Israel, Susan Israel, Susan
Attorney, Television Executive, Writer
Israel, Susan Israel, Susan
Attorney at Law
Brown, Raysman, Millstein, Felder
Issac, Audrey Issac, Audrey
Director of Catering
The Sports Club/LA
it May Concern, To Whom it May Concern, To Whom
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
Itkin, Lindsey Itkin, Lindsey
Itkin, Mark Itkin, Mark
EVP Worldwide head of Syndication, Cable & Non Fiction Prg.
William Morris
Ito, Makiko Ito, Makiko
Fuji TV
Ito, Rie Ito, Rie
Editor: Film/Video
New York Music and Video Production
Itzak, Milly Itzak, Milly
Camera Assistant
Ivanissevich, Rita Ivanissevich, Rita
Animator, Art Director, Production Designer
Ivanov, Kalina Ivanov, Kalina
Production Designer
Ivanova, Svetlana Ivanova, Svetlana
Corporate Executive, Sales
Russian TV International
Ivara, Anna Ivara, Anna
Director, Editor: Film/Video
AKQ Communications Ltd.
Iverson, Jan Iverson, Jan
VP Marketing, PR Strategist & Content Development
Apache Tah Creative LLC (ATC)
Iverson, Mia Iverson, Mia
Associate Producer
Ivory, James Ivory, James
Merchant-Ivory Productions
Iwata, Jerrlyn Iwata, Jerrlyn
Acquisitions, Interactive Media
Verizon Communications
Iyanam, Muna Iyanam, Muna
'Women In Film & Television In nigeria
Izario, Nathan Izario, Nathan
Gramercy Pictures
Izatt, Tracey Izatt, Tracey
izurieta, richard izurieta, richard
Scheman's bryant Park (Paint-hardware & home)