Lisa Marie Isaacson

Executive Assistant
Breaking Ground

Lisa Isaacson is a seasoned professional in nonprofit administration and fledging screenwriter with lots of accolades.

Full Bio
Born & raised in Cleveland, Ohio Lisa has lived 17 years in New York City. She’s married to Saul, & they have three cats, Norton & Trixie (The Honeymooners) & Ilsa (Casablanca). Lisa’s pilot episode of "Charly Talks to Herself," most recently made 2nd Rounder in Austin Film Festival’s screenplay competition 2022 & won the August award for Best Series Pilot Script at Oniros Film Festival. Charly also placed semi-finalist in the Filmmatic Pitch Now Screenplay Competition, Season 4, & received the coveted “double recommend” for writer & project from Stage 32, among other accolades. Lisa’s pilot script "County Hinterland" won the Best Web Series/TV Pilot spot in the Multi Dimension International Film Festival. Both projects are 60-minute dramedies. She’s also written the feature film, "The Other Hothead Kiss," & the short film, "Perp to Perp." Lisa’s published two works: the short story “A Date with my Brother” (McFadden Women’s Group); & the article “B-W Professors Jamming with Bluegrass Sound” (Berea News Sun).

Industry Awards
Title: Charly Talks to Herself
Logline: A woman considering abortion in 1995 meets her future self, arrived via virtual reality, and both must untangle the authentic from imagined before a tech-glitch erases a beloved autistic daughter from their lives.
Format: TV/Streamer/Web Series
Length: 57 pages
Genre: Dramedy, Fantasy
• 2nd Rounder – Austin Film Festival & Writers’ Conference, 2022
• Semifinalist – Pitch Now Screenplay Competition, 2022
• Official Selection - Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival, 2022
• Exceptional Achievement - Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival, 2022
• Official Selection/Honorable Mention - Big Apple Film Festival, Fall 2022
• Quarterfinalist – Scriptation Showcase Teleplay Competition, 2022
• Double Recommend from Jason Mirch - Stage 32, Spring 2022
• Winner – Oniros Film Awards – August 2022
• Quarterfinalist – Screencraft TV Pilot Screenplay Competition, 2022
• Selected – London Lift-Off Film Festival, 2022
• Semifinalist – Los Angeles International S
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New Works Lab, Special Events, Writers Group
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