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Haas, Kim Haas, Kim
Executive Producer, Publicist
Haas Media LLC
Habibian, Dr. Maryam Habibian, Dr. Maryam
Hack, Lorraine Hack, Lorraine
Business Affairs Executive, Interactive Media
Korn Ferry
Hacker, Melissa Hacker, Melissa
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Bee's Knees Productions,Inc
Hackworth, Paige Hackworth, Paige
Actor, Writer
Haggerty, Colleen Haggerty, Colleen
Editor: Film/Video, Producer, Writer
Haimowitz, Rebecca Haimowitz, Rebecca
Bright Films LLC
Hairston, Princess Hairston, Princess
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Straight Path Pictures
Haizlip, Melissa Haizlip, Melissa
Corporate Executive, Director, Producer
Shoes In The Bed Productions, LLC
Haley, Christa Haley, Christa
Assistant Editor, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Hall, Monica Hall, Monica
Post-Production Services
Hamburg-Cummings, Victoria Hamburg-Cummings, Victoria
Producer, Writer
Hamilton, Valli Hamilton, Valli
Assistant Editor, Cinematographer, Writer
The Orchid Lady
Hammer, Bonnie Hammer, Bonnie
Executive Producer, Programming, Television Executive
NBC Universal Cable Entertainment & Cable Studios
Hammond, Dore Hammond, Dore
Director, Producer, Writer
Dore Hammond Films
Handelman, Marc Handelman, Marc
Director of Marketing
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC
Handler, Cleo Handler, Cleo
Actor, Writer
Hanks, Dani Hanks, Dani
Assistant Director, Director
Hanley, Jennifer Hanley, Jennifer
Actor, Producer, Writer
Hanlon, Nell Hanlon, Nell
Columbia Business School
Hannoy, Grace Hannoy, Grace
Actor, Producer, Writer
When We Grow Up LLC
Hansen, Lynda Hansen, Lynda
Consultant, Producer
Lynda A. Hansen & Associates, Ltd. (LAHA)
Hanssen, Sarah Hanssen, Sarah
Curator, Director, Educator
Bronx Community College
Hardman, Holly Hardman, Holly
Director, Researcher, Writer
Gobbo Films, LLC
Hargraves, Cynthia Hargraves, Cynthia
Line Producer, Producer, Production Manager
Mystic Light Entertainment
Harmel, Courtney Harmel, Courtney
Director of Photography, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Courtney Harmel Productions/Flying Woman Productions
Harmon, Daisette Harmon, Daisette
Production Supervisor
21 Century Fox / Fox News
Harms, Holli Harms, Holli
Harnisch, Ruth Ann Harnisch, Ruth Ann
Nonprofit Administrator
The Harnisch Foundation
Harper, Erin Harper, Erin
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Writer
Erin Harper Films
Harrer, Maggie Harrer, Maggie
Producer, DIrector, Choreographer
Magpie91 Productions
Harrigan, Linnette Harrigan, Linnette
Creative Director, Music Supervisor, Producer
Linnette Harrigan Media Inc
Harris, Pamela Harris, Pamela
Director, Producer, Writer
Split Level Productions
Harris, Shumerria Harris, Shumerria
Casting Director, Production Finance
Manipulating Mainstream Media
Hart, Marzy Hart, Marzy
Actor, Producer, Writer
This Is It Productions
Hartley, Michelle Hartley, Michelle
Actor, Executive Producer, Line Producer
DeterminedMe Productions
Hass, Amy Hass, Amy
Business Affairs Executive
Hassell, Jackie Hassell, Jackie
Senior Vice President Partnerships
Tribeca Film Festival/Tribeca Studios
Hatcher, Shirley Hatcher, Shirley
Actor, Educator, Writer
Hatchett Productions
Hattori, April Hattori, April
EL Education
Hawkins, Kit Hawkins, Kit
KHawk Productions
Hawks, Carrie Hawks, Carrie
Animator, Illustrator, Video Graphics
Hawsah, Naimah Hawsah, Naimah
Director, Writer
Hay, Katie Hay, Katie
Nonprofit Administrator
Hay, Mary Ann Hay, Mary Ann
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over
Hayes Kelly, Suzanne Hayes Kelly, Suzanne
Actor, Producer
Aquapio Films Ltd
Hayward, Maegan Hayward, Maegan
Post-Production Supervisor, Producer, Stylist
Red's Vintage Threads/East Village Vintage Collective
Hazeur, Monique Hazeur, Monique
Art Director, Director, Writer
Mississippi Girl in Brooklyn Productions
Heckman, Laura Heckman, Laura
Acquisitions and Development Manager
NYC Media
Hellmuth, Jenna Hellmuth, Jenna
Actor, Producer, Stunt Person/Coordinator
Helm, Christina Helm, Christina
Cinematographer, Director, Director of Photography
811 Films
Hemard, Margaux Hemard, Margaux
Actor, Director, Editor: Film/Video
Hemila, Hanna Hemila, Hanna
Director, Producer, Writer
Whooper, LLC
Hemmerdinger, Elizabeth Hemmerdinger, Elizabeth
Producer, Writer
Providence Productions
Henry, Mari Lyn Henry, Mari Lyn
Consultant, Educator, Researcher
Heon, Megan Heon, Megan
Casting Director, Director, Producer
Beth Melsky Casting
Hepburn, Carolyn Hepburn, Carolyn
Firelane Digital Ltd.
Herbert, Victoria Herbert, Victoria
All That Buzz w/ Victoria
Heredia, Paula Heredia, Paula
Director, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Heredia Pictures LLC
Heriveaux, Sophia Heriveaux, Sophia
Goldfin Films
Hessney, Abby Hessney, Abby
Adorama Pro
Hester, Jessica Hester, Jessica
Director, Producer, Writer
Hesterhouse Productions LLC
Hester, Kristen Hester, Kristen
Executive Producer, Producer, Writer
Little Beast Entertainment LLC
Hewitt, Ariana Hewitt, Ariana
Post-Production Services
Trevanna Posst
Higuchi, Ayako Higuchi, Ayako
Hill, Carolyn Hill, Carolyn
Marketing Executive, Production Executive, Publicist
Carolyn's Commercial Representation Inc.
Hill, Isabel Hill, Isabel
Director, Executive Producer
Building History Productions
Hillis, Kate Hillis, Kate
Marketing Executive, Production Executive
Leroy and Clarkson Productions LLC
Hirsch, Caroline Hirsch, Caroline
Executive Producer
Carolines Entertainment
Hirschtritt Ruch, Stefanie Hirschtritt Ruch, Stefanie
Rock Paper Scissors
Hirshfield, Gray Hirshfield, Gray
Production Executive
Hittner, Lindsay Hittner, Lindsay
Marketing Executive, Producer
Charter Communications
Hodge, Deborah Hodge, Deborah
Hodges, Tiffany Hodges, Tiffany
Actor, Writer
Hodson, Diane Hodson, Diane
Consultant, Director, Producer
Hoffman, Barbara Hoffman, Barbara
The Penthouse
Hoffman, Shari Hoffman, Shari
Acting Out In Class Productions
Hogarty, Naomi Hogarty, Naomi
Owner/Creative Director
91 East Productions
Holbrook, Stephanie Holbrook, Stephanie
Casting Director
Stephanie Holbrook Casting
Holden, Mary Holden, Mary
The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media
Holliday, Chris Holliday, Chris
Actor, Producer, Writer
Hollowday, Anne Hollowday, Anne
Director, Producer, Writer
100 Year Films
Holly, Natalie Holly, Natalie
Actor, Sales, Writer
Harper's Magazine
Holm, Toni Holm, Toni
Holman, Stacey Holman, Stacey
Director, Producer, Writer
Black Butterfly Productions
Holmes, Martha Holmes, Martha
Holsapple, Anita Holsapple, Anita
Director, Journalist, Writer
Holst, Lynn Holst, Lynn
Consultant, Development Executive, Producer
Holst, Naoko Holst, Naoko
Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Hong, Tina Hong, Tina
Production Coordinator, Production Finance, Script Supervisor
Hong, Yunah Hong, Yunah
Hoover, Brooke Hoover, Brooke
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
Fluffy Butt Proudctions LLC
Hope, Sharon Hope, Sharon
Actor, Narrator/Voice-Over
Hopkins, Faleena Hopkins, Faleena
Director, Writer
Hop Hop Productions Inc.
Horowitz, Marilyn Horowitz, Marilyn
Producer, Writer
ArtMar, Inc.
Horstman, Lu Ann Horstman, Lu Ann
Music Supervisor, Producer, Writer
Ramblin' Gal Productions
Houle, Erika Houle, Erika
Camera Assistant, Camera Operator, Director of Photography
Howard, Erika Howard, Erika
Howe, Cara Howe, Cara
Camera Assistant, Production Assistant, Still Photographer
Cara Howe Photography
Howe, Robin Howe, Robin
Business Affairs Executive
Junico Services, CPA PLLC
Howe, Tina Howe, Tina
Bustin' Loose Productions, LLC
Howell, Leigh Howell, Leigh
Steeplechase Films
Hoyos, Kimberly Hoyos, Kimberly
Assistant Editor, Journalist, Production Assistant
Hsie, Alexandra Hsie, Alexandra
Production Coordinator, Stunt Person/Coordinator, Writer
Hubbell, Anne Hubbell, Anne
Vice President of Motion Picture
Hudacko, Casey Hudacko, Casey
Production Assistant
YouTube Space via ASG
Hudson, Katy-May Hudson, Katy-May
Director, Producer, Writer
Brooklyn Women's Film Festival
Hued, Lydia Hued, Lydia
Director, Executive Producer
Amuleto Productiond Ltd.
Hughes, Elyse Hughes, Elyse
Line Producer, Production Coordinator, Production Manager
Hughes, Hillary Hughes, Hillary
Garvey Schubert Barer
Huling, Pam Huling, Pam
Fundraising/Development, Producer, Television Executive
Hunkins, Lee Hunkins, Lee
Hunnewell, Meg Hunnewell, Meg
Development Executive, Executive Producer, Producer
The Knowledge Project
Hunt, Caryn Hunt, Caryn
Director, Producer, Writer
Huq, Dawn Huq, Dawn
Hutter, Arabella Hutter, Arabella
Executive Producer, Narrator/Voice-Over, Producer
Huttner, Jan Lisa Huttner, Jan Lisa
Critic, Journalist, Writer
FF2 Media
Hutton, Randi Hutton, Randi
RZ Connection, LLC
Hyde, Katie Hyde, Katie
Actor, Editor: Film/Video, Producer
Indie City Films
Hyman, Sabrina Hyman, Sabrina
Casting Director