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Women’s Film Preservation Fund opens its 2018 grant round. Deadline June 15th, 2018



Second Wave Feminist Filmmakers

June 2-3, 2018

The Women’s Film Preservation Fund (WFPF) brings a series of six programs of Second Wave Feminist films, mostly WFPF preservations, to screen at the Barbican Centre, London,

on June 2nd and 3rd.

The Women’s Movement of the 1970’s in the United States spawned an incr

ease in women making films. Their focus, women’s experience, had rarely been a topic for the screen before. Along the way, they reshaped filmmaking in ways that have impacted it even today.

Finding it difficult to attain creative positions in the film industry, women made films on the outside. Largely uncensored, they sought new means of expression, utilizing innovative approaches to storytelling and introducing dream imagery, diary excerpts, poetry, animation, and experimental techniques in films of all genres.

Artists and Activists features WFPF’s roster of feminist preserved filmmakers: Julie Dash, Lourdes Portillo, Bette Gordon, Barbara Hammer, Lisa Crafts, Julia Reichert, Maxi Cohen, and the Newsreel and Kartemquin Films collectives. Other important feminist voices are included: Joyce Chopra, Su Friedrich, Amalie Rothschild, and Madeline Anderson whose works have not been preserved by the WFPF.

Curated by: Ann Deborah Levy and Kirsten Larvick, WFPF Co-Chairs,
with programming assistance from Susan Lazarus and Amy Aquilino.

To see the entire film schedule, please click here.

That Ice Ticket (1923), Angela Murray Gibson

April 11th – 14th, 2018
Orphan Film Symposium
Museum of Moving Image, Queens, New York

Professor and author, Marsha Gordon and independent researcher, Charles “Buckey” Grimm present Camerawoman Angela Murray Gibson Films Herself into History, 1921-1925 at Orphan Film Symposium.

Included in their study on silent era North Dakotan filmmaker, Angela Murray Gibson, the recent Women’s Film Preservation Fund and Kino Lober preservation of THAT ICE TICKET (1923) will screen for symposium attendees.

The Women’s Film Preservation Fund: Four Experimental Films

January 22, 7:15 p.m.

Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York

Newly restored films from Women’s Film Preservation Fund and its preservation partners.

Sisters! 1974. USA. Directed by Barbara Hammer. 8 min.

Metroliner. 1975. USA. Directed by Victoria Hochberg. 35 min.

Doppelganger. 1987. USA. Directed by Peggy Ahwesh. 8 min.

The Women’s Happy Time Commune. 1972. USA. Directed by Sheila Paige. 47 min.



Closing Panel for From The Vault: Women’s Advocacy on Film:

Introduction to Archiving and Preservation for Film and Video

UnionDocs, Brooklyn, New York

Now that you’ve finished your documentary feature and it is a file on your hard drive, have you thought about how to make sure it will last? Do you have a movie, shot on film, that can no longer be shown because the print is in tatters and no one is screening 16mm anymore? Do you have a documentary master on an obsolescent videotape format? Have you ever wondered if storing your film, video or digital work in your home or studio is a good idea, and why placing it in an archive will ensure its longevity?

Join Women’s Film Preservation Fund, UnionDocs and other archival and preservation collaborators to get answers to some of these questions in an introductory presentation on archiving and preserving film and video. This event offers a basic overview and first steps for the long-term safeguarding of motion pictures, making work accessible for exhibition and monetization over a lifetime.


Growing Up Female (Julia Reichert & Jim Klein)


Co-presented with UnionDocs Fall 2017 through Spring 2018.

To view the full program schedule please click here.

In celebration of NYWIFT’s 40th Anniversary, the Women’s Film Preservation Fund (WFPF) and UnionDocs present the film series From the Vault: Women’s Advocacy on Film which features restored documentary films by women filmmakers. All films in the series were preserved by the WFPF.

Documentarians reveal the impact of events and contexts for changing attitudes that affect our communities, society, and the world. From the Vault: Women’s Advocacy on Film presents nonfiction films that have shaped movements and provided perspectives on political, environmental, and human rights issues; and ideas around gender identity and roles, sexuality, health and family, all from a woman’s perspective. These explorations of story and truth, their innovative approaches to documentary film-making, and their subjects continue to be relevant today to filmmakers, activists, and media consumers creatively effecting change.

UnionDocs and the WFPF invite filmmakers and cinephiles to consider what can learn from our past explorers of story and truth, and how the film’s subjects and their filmmaker’s methodologies remain important and therefore essential to preserve and keep watching.

To see the full program schedule please click here.

This series is curated by WFPF Co-Chair Kirsten Larvick, with programming assistance from Co-Chair Ann Deborah Levy and Raquel Salazar-Foster.


November 5th and 8th, 2016 — Celebrating filmmaker, animator, Jane Aaron at the 14th Annual To Save and Project Series at The Museum of Modern Art. Set In Motion (1980) and Interior Designs (1986) are short animation pieces preserved by NYWIFT’s Women’s Film Preservation Fund and will screen under the series’ Animation and Experimental Cinema category. Both works exhibit Aaron’s unique stop-motion animation and live-action footage collages that became her signature. (more info)

The five-Blu-ray box set titled, Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers, produced and distributed by Kino Lorber will include approximately twenty hours of material – showcasing the work o, under-appreciated filmmakers, while illuminating the gradual changes in how women directors were perceived (and treated) by the Hollywood establishment. The collection will include some of the Women’s Film Preservation Fund’s most significant silent era preservations. Check out the project’s campaign, which ends on November 18th.

September 24th, 2016 — Visions: TV Dramas by Maya Angelou and Momoko Iko in the series Changing the Picture, presented by Museum of the Moving Image, in collaboration with the Women’s Film Preservation Fund of New York Women in Film and Television. (more info)

June 1st, 2016 — WFPF Grant Application Deadline.

May 5th, 2016 — Ann Deborah Levy writes about the Women’s Film Preservation Fund on NYWIFT’s blog. Read “Protecting the Legacy for Over 20 Years”here.

April 14th & 27th, 2016 — Variety screened at MoMa in Modern Matinees: Six New York Independents. (more info)

March 11th, 2016 — Student Nurses screened at The Metrograph with director Stephanie Rothman. (more info)

March 27th, 2016 — You Are Not I, Underground USA: Indie Cinema of the 80’s Cinefamily Showcase. Sara Driver’s film was awarded the WFPF grant. (more info)

Janurary 30th, 2016 — Re-Visions: Bette Gordon, Program 1, Anthology Archives.This eclectic selection of films includes her masterful early feature Variety, alongside other works restored by Anthology. The programs also include WFPF brand new scans of recently uncovered early experiments .(more info)

January 21-31, 2016 — Committee Member Susan Lazarus screens Sophie and the Rising Sun at Sundance 2016, a film she co-produced.


Jane Aaron (1948 – 2015)

Sadly, we lost our friend and grantee, Jane Aaron, on June 27th. A Jane Aaron Fund has been set up by the WFPF. Funds collected will be used to preserve a film by a woman filmmaker in Jane’s memory. Jane Aaron was an internationally recognized award-winning animator and a best-selling children’s book illustrator. Jane’s independently produced experimental films have been shown around the world,including in the Whitney Biennial and the Museum of Modern Art, and are in the permanent collections of MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Hirshhorn Museum, and the Walker Art Center. The Women’s Film Preservation Fund preserved five of Jane’s films.

December 2015 — WFPF Co-Chair Kirsten Larvick announces first recipients of the Al Larvick North Dakota Grant . The fund’s purpose is to promote the preservation of amateur and home movies. (more info)

November 4-25, 2015 — To Save and Project: The 13th MoMA International Festival of Film Preservation. These films join dozens of others in a three-week overview of the exciting work being done to reclaim endangered films and revive forgotten treasures. (more info)

Sept 2-4, 2015 — WFPF Co-Chair Kirsten Larvick screens films preserved by The Al Larvick Conservation Fund, which she founded in honor of her grandfather. This grant provides support to individuals and organizations for the conservation, digital transfer and exhibition of home and amateur movies which were recorded in North Dakota State.

April 21, 2015 — On Restoration Panel, Tribeca Film Festival WFPF Committee Member Susan Lazarus will join the preservation panel.

March 25, 2015 —  WFPF Committee Member Ann Deborah Levy screens her film “On the Train to Kutná Hora” at Another Experiment by Women Film Festival, at Anthology Film Archives.

March 24, 2015 — NYWIFT Preservation Fund Screening: The Last To Know

March 21, 2015 — Suzanne Pancrazi, NYWIFT WFPF Committee Member passes away.

February 2 -13, 2015 —  Carte Blanche: Women’s Film Preservation Fund—Women Writing the Language of Cinema

The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

Established in 1995 by New York Women in Film and Television (NYWIFT) and The Museum of Modern Art, the Women’s Film Preservation Fund (WFPF) is the only program in the world exclusively dedicated to the preservation of the cultural legacy of women in the film industry.

Since 1995 the WFPF has provided support for more than 100 American short and feature films. The fund’s core mission is to identify and preserve works in which the role of women was fundamental to the production; to present the preserved films in a public forum; to encourage scholarship about women in film history; and to partner with organizations demonstrating similar goals. The WFPF is especially respected at MoMA as a former Chief Curator of the Department of Film, Mary Lea Bandy (1943–2014), was a founder.

In celebration of WFPF’s 20th anniversary, MoMA has invited the WFPF programming committee to select films that reflect the essential role of women in the continuing development of cinema as an art form.

Organized by Anne Morra, Associate Curator, Department of Film, MoMA, with WFPF programming committee members Ina Archer, Kirsten Larvick, Susan Lazarus, Raquel Salazar-Foster, and Kim Tomadjoglu.


October 31, 2014 — The Real Indies – A Close Look at Orphan Films Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, at New York University and the Orphan Film Symposium.


October 1, 2013 — The WFPF received numerous applications for the 2013-2014 Grants Cycle.

Oct 13, 2013 — Committee Member Susan Lazarus presents screenings and introduces panelists at the 10th Anniversary Screening of NYU’s Moving Image Archiving & Preservation(MIAP) program, at NYU Tisch Cinema Studies. (more info)

February 2013 — WFPF launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to preserve Seven Women Seven Sins (1986) directed by Maxi Cohen, Helke Sander, Bette Gordon, Chantal Akerman, Valie Export, Laurence Gavron, and Ulrike Ottinger. (more info)


August 2012 — WFPF unveiled a new video highlighting its preservation work. The video  included footage from Barbara Kopple’s Oscar-winning documentary Harlan County U.S.A. (1976), That Man of Mine (1947) starring Ruby Dee, and You Are Not I (1981) by Sara Driver, among many others.

July 1, 2012 — Susan Lazarus represented the WFPF at the celebration of the birth of the first woman director, Alice Guy Blache, and the unveiling of a new grave marker from the Fort Lee Film Commission in NJ. (more info)

June 25, 2012 — WFPF was proud to be honored by Anthology Film Archives at its annual Film Preservation Honors.


November 2, 2011 — MoMA’s Save & Project Series, at Museum of Modern Art. (more info)

October 6, 2011 — New York Film Festival ‘11 Masterworks: Sara Driver’s You Are Not I, The Walter Reade Theatre at Lincoln Center. (more info)

October 24, , 2011 — Restoration Premiere Screening of Make Out, Growing Up Female, and Janie’s Janie at The Film Society of Lincoln Center.

Tribeca Film Festival ‘11 — Independent Women: 15 Years of NYWIFT Funded Film Preservation. (more info)