Power Player Conversation: Finance Her – Hosted by The Women’s Network at The New York Times Company

Join us for an after-work boardroom-style conversation among members of two of New York’s most powerful women’s organizations: 100 Women in Finance and New York Women in Film & Television. In true power player fashion, women from these communities of entertainment and finance will come together to uncover strategies behind finding powerful films from female voices and securing the financing needed to bring these projects to the screen. Finance Her is the first of a series of discussions designed to tap into the entertainment and finance industries of New York City, connecting professionals from both fields to ensure that financing options are available to women filmmakers. There is a need to address everyone’s role in the process when it comes to funding and packaging a film. By ensuring that both worlds are speaking the same language and finding parallels in project development, a much clearer path to investing in untold women’s stories is sure to follow. (Registration will open later next month - check back with us!)