Screening: The Journey of Monalisa

Both intimate and gloriously poetic, The Journey of Monalisa paints an aptly complex and empowering portrait of New York-based author and performer Iván Monalisa Ojeda. After 17 years, director Nicole Costa reconnects with her former classmate Iván Ojeda, who was known at the time as a talented theater director and playwright but has now reinvented themself as Monalisa. Intrigued by this transformation, Costa follows the gender-neutral two-spirit Iván Monalisa through the streets and clubs of New York, in their tough and vulnerable life filled with sexual encounters and addiction. All the while the ever-resilient Monalisa continues to write beautiful, raw pieces about life and survival in New York. Q&A with director Nicole Costa and subject Iván Monalisa Ojeda to follow. Presented in partnership with: The LGBT Community Center, NewFest and New York Latino Film Festival.