NYWIFT Salon Conversation ‘The Art of Recreating NYC in The Gilded Age’

Join NYWIFT for a salon conversation with the production and design team of HBO's The Gilded Age at the historic NYC Roosevelt House. Speakers will include Costume Designer Kasia Walicka Maimone and Producers Holly Rymon and Claire Shanley. Moderated by NYWIFT CEO Cynthia Lopez


NYWIFT Masterclass Series: Feature Film Budgeting

Join NYWIFT for our inaugural Masterclass Series: Feature Film Budgeting with Producer/Line Producer Sirad Balducci

In this three-part masterclass, we will demystify the budgeting process, offering insights into script breakdown, shoot schedules and cover fundamental budgeting basics. We'll explore how to effectively collaborate with producers, directors, department heads, and impart strategies to align your movie's production plan with the creative vision of the project.


NYWIFT Industry Screening + Q&A: ‘Bad Things’

Join NYWIFT for a virtual screening of Bad Things. Followed by a virtual conversation with director Stewart Thorndike, producer Lexi Tannenholtz, and production designer Amy Williams on Friday, October 27th. Moderated by NYWIFT Board Member Okema T. Moore.

When a group of friends escape the city to spend the weekend in an abandoned hotel, a pervading eerie energy begins to illuminate the cracks in their little family unit. Ruthie Nodd (Gayle Rankin) inherits the hotel from her grandmother and with bad childhood memories threatening to burst to the surface, Ruthie wants to sell the hotel and never return. But her partner Cal (Hari Nef) drags her there in the hopes of returning it to its former glory. They are joined by their amiable friend Maddie (Rad Pereira) and mysterious grifter Fran (Annabelle Dexter-Jones). As the friends dance, cook, flirt, and fight, they find themselves entwined in the hotel’s seductive embrace and start doing bad things to each other. 


NYWIFT Masterclass Series: Nonfiction Audio Development

Join NYWIFT for our inaugural Masterclass Series: Non Fiction Audio Development with critically-acclaimed Podcast Creator and Producer Jamie Zelermyer

In this series of three masterclasses, through case studies and conversation, creators of all levels will learn about development through completion - starting with an initial idea through to a finished audio piece. Use this seminar to help jumpstart your next creative endeavor! 


NYWIFT Co-Presents NewFest 2023 Shorts: Women’s Night Out Remix

New York Women in Film & Television is delighted to join the 35th Annual New York LGBTQ+ Film Festival (NewFest) to co-present Shorts: Women's Night Out Remix on Friday, October 20th at 7:30pm ET. 

A surprising and sizzling collection of sapphic short films, all directed by women and nonbinary filmmakers — followed by NewFest's Women’s Night Out Party at SVA Theatre!


NYWIFT Industry Screening + Q&A: ‘My Love Affair With Marriage’

New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT) invites you to an in-person screening of My Love Affair with Marriage at Quad Cinema on October 11th at 7:30pm ET followed by Q&A with director Signe Baumane.

My Love Affair With Marriage follows Zelma on her 23-year quest for perfect love and lasting marriage set against a backdrop of historic events in Eastern Europe.

​Told from a woman’s point of view, the film blends historical, biological, societal, and emotional arcs with a lively sense of humor and musical numbers. This animated film for adults tackles the issues of love, gender norms, domestic violence, fantasies and toxic relationships to propel a woman's journey toward independence and liberation.


Hellenic Film Society x NYWIFT Co-Present ‘Listen (Akouse Me)’ and ‘Broadway’

Join Hellenic Film Society & NYWIFT on Friday, October 6th as we proudly co-host a screening of Listen (Akouse Me) and Broadway. Screenings start at 7pm ET at Village East Cinema.


NYWIFT Masterclass Series: Writing for Television

Join NYWIFT for the Masterclass Series: Writing for Television with critically-acclaimed writer, Amy Fox with three sessions being held on Monday, October 16, 23, and 30 from 6:30 - 8pm ET.

The NYWIFT Master Class Series offers in-depth virtual multi-class workshops that explore various aspects of the film, television, and media industry. Led by award-winning experts, the classes will teach students about the craft, content, and business strategies involved in each creative pursuit, building a solid foundation for artistic fulfillment and commercial success.


NYWIFT Co-Presents Fest and Furious

NYWIFT is proud to co-present Film Fatales's online workshop about Maximizing your Film Festival Strategy led by Kathy Susca and Jeffrey Winter from The Film Collaborative.

Film festivals can be elusive and confounding. They are also opportunities to advance your career, grow your network and expand your audience. But how does it all work? Join this webinar with Film Fatales and The Film Collaborative to receive answers to all your burning questions, such as: Which festival is the right fit for your film? How do you get your project to stand out to programmers? Once you get into a festival how do you create buzz about your project? What are useful techniques for getting your film in front of sales agents and distributors? We’ll cover all this and more to help you curate a strategy for your film to find success on the festival circuit.

Three audience members will be invited to share their current projects to be used as a case study for live feedback during the webinar. Filmmakers of all experience levels are welcome to submit a link to their films when they RSVP to be considered for this exciting opportunity.


NYWIFT @ Woodstock: The Picket Line: A Road to Pay Equity and Sustainability

Join NYWIFT for a special conversation on the state of the industry at the 2023 Woodstock Film Festival! 

The creative industry has been radically transformed in the last several years due to the pandemic, economic turmoil, advances in digital technology and production efficiencies. Yet, creators of content, writers, actors and many others that are instrumental to media development are still struggling to ensure economic sustainability.

To date, over 11,000 writers and 150,000 members of SAG AFTRA have taken up protest to be heard and galvanize change. Come hear from the experts and those on the front lines, union members from Writers Guild of America East (WGAE) and Screen Actors Guild/ Aftra, discuss what has been done to update contracts that no longer serve current working conditions and a critical look at what the public can do to support their efforts.  

Panelists will include Jo Miller, writer and showruner; Dana Weissman, Director of Programs at Writers Guild of America, East; and Neil Gaiman, Author, writer and showrunner. Moderated by Thelma Adams, writer, a two-time Chair of the New York Film Critics Circle.


2023 NYWIFT Creative Workforce STEM Summit: Day 3, ‘Children’s STEM Programming – Inspiring the Next Generation’ (Virtual Panel)

Join us for Day 3 of the 2023 NYWIFT Creative Workforce STEM Summit for a virtual panel on "Children's STEM Programming: Inspiring the Next Generation." How can children’s content inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, doctors, and astronauts? Join our panel of filmmakers, producers, executives, and educators to discuss the current children’s media landscape and how creators work with STEM experts to educate and motivate young people today. We’ll also discuss how creators hoping to break into the children’s media market can find funding and support.


2023 NYWIFT Creative Workforce STEM Summit: Day 2, ‘Women in the Sci-Fi Directors Chair’ (Virtual Panel)

Join us for Day 2 of 2023 NYWIFT Creative Workforce STEM Summit with "Women in the Sci-Fi Director's Chair." Sci-fi has long been a refuge for people who don’t fit into “traditional” roles — a place where you can imagine what it would be like to be someone else, in a different world, maybe even a different universe. Often, but not always, a better one. This can be especially empowering for marginalized communities. Directors from some of the latest science fiction TV series and films join us to discuss progressive world-building, shattering stereotypes, and expanding horizons beyond our storytelling limits.


2023 NYWIFT Creative Workforce STEM Summit: Day 1 at The Paley Center for Media

Join us for Day 1 of the 2023 NYWIFT Creative Workforce STEM Summit at The Paley Center for Media from 9am - 1pm ET preceding a breakfast reception at 8:30am.


NYWIFT Co-Hosts ‘Every Body’ at Tribeca Festival

Join Tribeca Festival & NYWIFT as we proudly co-host screenings on June 11, 12, and 16 of Every Body directed by NYWIFT Member Julie Cohen! The stories of three intersex individuals who set aside medical advice to keep their bodies a secret and instead came out as their authentic selves.


NYWIFT Talks: AAPIHM 2023 – Stories that Represent Us & Continuing Forward

Join us as we celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month with a candid conversation about navigating the Writer's Strike in the midst of our momentum, about our representation in the US and the diaspora, and talk about telling stories that represent us. Let us explore how our cultures are represented here and abroad. While simultaneously discussing how our unique cinematic and nuanced cultural strategies impact our creative writing, directing and performances.

Speakers include Shruti Ganguly, Miranda Kwok, Martha Millan, and more panelists to be announced. Moderated by NYWIFT Board Member Sibyl Reymundo-Santiago.


NYWIFT Co-Hosts ‘The Gullspang Miracle’ at Tribeca Festival

Join Tribeca Film Festival & NYWIFT on June 11th, 13th, and 16th as we proudly co-host screenings of The Gullspang Miracle. In Maria Fredriksson’s stranger-than-fiction documentary, two pious sisters buy an apartment after having witnessed a divine sign — only to realize that the seller of the apartment looks identical to their other sister, who committed suicide some thirty years before.


NYWIFT Co-Hosts ‘Cold Copy’ at Tribeca Festival

Join Tribeca Film Festival & NYWIFT June 11th, 12th, and 16th as we proudly co-host screenings of Cold Copy. The kinetic drama Cold Copy follows an ambitious journalism student’s tactics to impress, and get into the good graces of, an esteemed yet cutthroat news reporter — even if it involves manipulating her latest story … and truth itself.


NYWIFT Co-Hosts ‘Apolonia, Apolonia’ at Tribeca Festival

Join Tribeca Film Festival & NYWIFT on June 8th, 10th, and 15th as we proudly co-host screenings of Apolonia, Apolonia. The striking character-driven documentary Apolonia, Apolonia dives into the exhilarating lifestyle of a young French painter. Filmmaker Lea Glob’s intimate exploration of Apolonia Sokol’s creative pursuits and setbacks results in poignant and deeply-felt storytelling.