Immerse yourself in the extraordinary lives of the Sisters of Rosary Hill who care for their guests during their last waltz with remarkable impact. 

In the cinéma vérité portion of the film, we will be immersed in the lives of the Sisters as they act as patrons, play and pray with their ‘guests’ and with one another. With exclusive and unprecedented access, the film will focus on life at Rosary Hill. We will show that, though largely cloistered, the Sisters are deeply connected to humankind. There is always joy in this house.

Interjected throughout the film in an expository, dramatic mode, will be the work and canonization quest for Rosary Hill founder, Rose Hawthorne (Nathaniel Hawthorne’s daughter) who pioneered compassionate hospice care on the streets of NYC. The film will follow the quest for her sainthood – research, time, legal-like arguments and a significant financial investment. Rose’s cause is before the Vatican awaiting a miracle that could grant Sainthood. The film hopes to visit The Vatican where the Prositio (1,500 pages of documents) were presented to Cardinal Angelo Amato and The Congregation for the Causes of Saints on Rose’s behalf. Amid the daily miracles, they await an uber-miracle…

The topic is timely, urgent… and evergreen. The Sisters are doing the work of Jesus, they are fully committed and free of most ordinary obligations, but what they show the rest of us is that we too have a capacity to love that can spark remarkable change. Through the lens of their lives, we all may discover something within ourselves.

This film will be a visual form of poetry, gently revealing an incredible lifestyle.