Tonight and Every Night

Yianni is an elderly gentleman whose memory, grasp of rationality and health is failing. He has dementia. He drifts in and out of a drab, sometimes humdrum world. Yet in the realm inside his mind — a gloriously colorful, fun and whimsical Talk Show featuring the “special guest stars” from his life and old workplace, Yianni is powerful, persuasive, handsome, admired. And he is gainfully employed. He is the consummate host and thus the center of attention and affection.

On one particular day, Yianni slips away from his home. Walking the streets of his small beach town, he comes to the aid of a lost and lonely little boy. The two go off on a little odyssey, a short-ways-down-the-road trip, and the experiences they share during that one fateful day create a loving bond and beautiful friendship.

A film about our Elders, and our Loved Ones.

This film story offers a window into how society relates to our elders and older loved ones, especially those with cognitive impairment. For many of our elders, despite their illness, a rich, emotional intelligence and a deep reserve of love remains intact. They desire to feel useful, productive and respected. They seek connection, friendship. And if our greater society fails them, they find solace and a solution within their own imaginings. Instead of trying to suppress these rich imaginings, these comforting illusions, perhaps we could embrace them. We could learn to appreciate our elders or loved ones in all their beautiful complexity — their identity, dignity and past experiences, as well as any newly discovered reflection and expression of themselves. In this way, we can honor the whole person. Our elders and loved one, even with their impairment, still recognize and remember the value, goodness, and grace of everyone in their life. They remember love, a non-judgmental, and enduring love. And all of us can take inspiration from that.


Director: Christina Eliopoulos (
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Kinder (