Tips for NYWIFT Composers & Lyricists Night Out

January 14th is our special NYWIFT + Society of Composers & Lyricists Mixer! Whether you are a composer or lyricist looking to work for a new project, a director or producer in need of music to make your film complete, or you are a member just looking to connect with others, we’ve put together a few quick tips for making the most of the evening:


Polish your online presence
• Make sure your résumé, references, and reel (if applicable) are available online.
• Update your business website, blog, social, etc.
• Check to see if your IMDB and Linkedin profiles are up-to-date.

Get ready to network

• Create business cards that include your business name, profession, and contact information.
• Make a list of conversation starters. For example: “How did you get involved with NYWIFT?” or “How long have you been a member of the Society of Composers and Lyricists?”
• Be prepared to answer questions about your experience including your recent projects.
• Know where you want to go. Be ready to let others know about your goals and hopes for your next venture.


Make a good impression
• Take a few deep breaths to calm those nerves.
• Engage with people as equals. Remember, you have something of value to offer and so does everyone else. Don’t be arrogant but also don’t be a kiss ass.
• Keep it positive. Talking about your struggle to find work can be a bummer. Talk about why you love what you do, and why you’re good at it.
• Make it about the work. We all have complex personal lives, but this is the time to talk about the industry and your place in it, not about your personal relationships.
• Listen up! Sometimes when we get nervous, we talk about ourselves and miss out on what the other person has to offer. Take the time to truly listen and engage in deeper conversation.
• Be specific. Know what it is you want and what you can offer. Use direct and precise language to get your point across.
• For those looking to connect specially about music: If you are in SCL: be ready to talk about what genres and styles of music you excel at. If you are in NYWIFT: think about the atmosphere you want the music in your project to express, so that you can find the right composer or lyricist for your work.


Stay in touch
• Follow up! Don’t just let those business cards sit in your wallet. Send an email in the days following the event to encourage further communication.
• Keep the conversation going. Make sure you respond to those who reach out to you. Now they are a part of your network. Even if there isn’t a project for you now, there might be one down the line. Stay in touch with occasional emails.
• Keep coming back. NYWIFT has opportunities to build your network and meet new people every month. Keep coming back and bring friends!