The Secret Agent (1983)

The Secret Agent was the first film, using now familiar archival footage, to examine the legacy of exposure to dioxin spray — better known as Agent Orange – used extensively during the Vietnam War. The film is an invaluable document that reflects on past and present US wartime involvement and treatment of veterans, sustained abuse to the environment, and the residual unresolved issues of the Vietnam War. The film includes scenes of a young Al Gore and the music of renowned protest singer, Country Joe McDonald. Ochs’ documentary won a special Jury Prize at Sundance and premiered at the New York Film Festival.

Jacki Ochs is a producer, director, and editor and some of her work includes films such as Letters Not About Love (1997), Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till (2005), and the documentary feature 9/12 From Chaos to Community (2006). Ochs has been the Executive Director for the Human Arts Association and has taught documentary film production at SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory and at Pratt Institute. Her production experience spans over twenty five years, including work as an assistant director, cinematographer, and producer for a number of commercial, industrial,and broadcast production companies.