The Last Shred of Daylight



Their farm failing, the lives of Dex and Marla Clayton begin to unravel after a traumatic loss. Dex blames Marla for the loss and takes his frustrations out on her, keeping her isolated on the farm, as much to satisfy his sexual needs as to punish her for their loss. When an opportunity for work arises, Dex abandons Marla, taking as many of their things as he can fit in his truck, including Marla’s can of small change saved for a special occasion.

Distraught, her self-esteem beaten from her, Marla thinks she has nothing to live for and contemplates suicide. As she makes her preparations, a young neighbor, Parker, approaches Marla for help and opens the door for a new life for Marla. Parker and his father have just moved to an adjacent patch of land and they don’t know anyone. When his father takes sick, Parker goes in search of help and stumbles upon Marla.

It’s dusk and Parker doesn’t see the shotgun Marla leans against the shed as she kneels to his level to talk with him. The sounds of the night cover the approach of Dex’s truck as he returns to get his shotgun. He jumps out of the truck and doesn’t see Parker in the near darkness as Marla hides him behind her. Marla thinks Dex has come back to hurt her and they quarrel. Marla stands up to Dex for the first time and, when he goes to strike her, she blocks his blows, sending them both tumbling to the ground. Dex lunges for the Marla. Marla, to protect Parker, trips Dex and sends him to his knees. As Dex gets up to lunge at Marla again, he comes face to face with the barrels of the shotgun. As Parker cocks the gun, the sound thunders over the now quiet fields.

In a flashback, we see Marla gently move the shotgun away from Dex’s face. She takes the gun and makes Dex get up. Marla ejects the shells from the gun, tosses it to Dex and tells him to get out, he’s taken enough. Marla takes Parker’s hand as they leave to go help his father, Joe.

Flash forward as the sound of Parker’s laugh brings Marla out of her reverie. A now happier and pregnant Marla gets Parker ready for school and shares a moment with Joe



Jaclyn S. Powell, She/Her
Screenwriter/Co-Director/Producer/SAG Actor

A former litigation trial coordinator, Jaclyn excelled at crafting winning legal arguments. Tired of jousting with invisible corporate masterminds, Jaclyn moved to NYC to take on the world through screenwriting, filmmaking, and acting. Jaclyn wrote and directed over 10 short films in two years, winning awards with her first short script, and has two feature film scripts placing in the festival circuit.

Maria Dottori, She/Her

Maria has over 20 years as a creative producer, writer and director of︎ award-winnin︎ g
content ︎ for ︎ global Fortune 500 companies across multiple sectors. Maria has written and directed numerous award winning︎ shorts and industrials. Most prominent is the documentary-style f︎ilm she produced ︎ for the domestic violence organization, Sanctuary For Families, “Trans︎ formations”, which won the coveted Iron Sabre Award and raised $1.3 million.


TJ Magg, He/Him
Production Manager

Thomas, “TJ” has worked in film and television for over 10 years bringing creative visions to life. He works in short and feature-length films, commercials and sporting events, finding the most efficient way to get the desired results. TJ is integral to bringing The Last Shred of Daylight team together and is responsible for taking charge of the project and the crew.


Natascha Lotze, She/Her
Camera Operator, Cinematographer

Natascha trained in graphic design and commercial film in Germany and trained in
cinematography at the New York Film Academy and now specializes in narrative film.


Olaa Olabi, She/Her
Camera Operator, Cinematographer; Reel:


Ute Schwemmer, She/Her

Responsible for all bookkeeping and payroll, including preparation of financial reports.