The Affordable Care Act & How It Affects You

For two decades, New York Women in Film & Television has been helping members with their health insurance needs. With the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, the landscape has changed significantly.

Health insurance for both individuals and families is now offered through state-operated exchanges. In addition to more coverage options than ever before, individuals may also be eligible for federal subsidies to assist with premiums, depending on their income.

Choosing the right health plan and comparing all the options can be overwhelming.

Therefore, NYWIFT has developed a relationship with MBL Benefits Consulting, who work with health insurance companies on the state-operated exchanges as well as in the private market. The value of MBL lies in their ability to assist individuals and families in navigating the confusing and complex health insurance marketplace, in order to obtain the right health plan to fit their client’s specific needs.

The best part about working with an MBL specialist is that it will not cost you anything. Your premium stays the same with or without their assistance.

NYWIFT & William (Bill) Bisson of MBL Benefits will offer a free webinars to our members who are NYS residents.

For questions about your specific options, please contact William (Bill) Bisson at 212-578-4774 or