The Affair at Raynor’s, from serial “What Happened to Mary?” (1912)


silent film actress Mary Fuller

The Affair at Raynor’s is the fourth story in the first U.S. movie serial What Happened to Mary. This serialized story and its eleven companion films, follow the adventures in the life of an intelligent and independent young woman named Mary. An early serial film series, this rare film thought lost, has been found.

Actress Bio:
Mary Fuller (1888-1973) began her acting career as a stage actress. At age 18 she was working in live theatre and in 1907 she signed with Vitagraph Studios in Brooklyn, New York, where she made films such as the one-reel adaptation of Elektra (released in April 1910).[2] Later Fuller joined the Edison Film Company in 1910. That year, she appeared in the first film version of Frankenstein,[3] based on the Mary Shelley novel. Fuller became a major early movie star who, by 1914, rivaled Mary Pickford in popularity. But by 1917, she fell out of favor her contract not renewed and she faded into obscurity.