T11 Incomplete

The second-place 2019 NYWIFT Ravenal Foundation Feature Film Grant was presented to Suzanne Guacci’s T11 Incomplete

Legendary New York actress Karen Sillas (Hal Hartley’s Simple Men, Ned Rifle) delivers a knockout performance as Kate, a home health aide and recovering alcoholic, at the center of this deeply felt, emotionally authentic drama about the ties that bind and break between our past and future. While attempting to make good on her sobriety and fractured relationship with her son Jack (Zachary Booth), Kate strikes up an unexpected and mutually therapeutic relationship with her new paraplegic patient Laura (Kristen Renton), who suffers from unseen trauma of her own. Determinedly jagged in her refusal to sand off the unsavory edges of the human spirit, yet soothing in its insistence upon the possibility of redemption, director Suzanne Guacci asks the audience: how far are we willing to push in order to find happiness again?

Learn more at www.aspirefilmproductions.com.

The film made its US Premiere at Outfest on August 27, 2020. 

Suzanne Guacci is a former NY State Trooper who lost her leg in the line of duty in 2001 and went on to become an award-winning, writer/director and producer. Her award-winning films Stuff and My Really Cool Legs! have screened at festivals all over the world and currently can be seen on various platforms including Amazon Prime, cable, VOD and broadcast television worldwide. Her screenplay for Puddles & Pools was a semifinalist in Slamdance Screenplay Competition (2010) and her most recent script Candy Palace was a finalist in The Writers Lab Screenplay Competition (2017). Suzanne is a proud member of NYWIFT.





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