Now More than Ever…SPECIAL is the Story that Must be Told…

SPECIAL is a diverse, inclusive, timely, and unprecedented dramatic Motion Picture Feature Film Project which offers strong lead roles for six women and one man who knew they shared a bond that went deeper than most. Now an opportunity has presented itself for them to reclaim their stolen innocence through finding their voice and speaking the truth.

Six survivors of sexual harassment and assault by their former high school math teacher, Bob Greene, decide to confront him during his Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech at Homecoming. Bob, now retiring as Principal and aspiring to become Mayor, faces a reckoning as Marge premieres a play exposing their shared trauma. Despite initial resistance and threats, the survivors unite to speak out publicly, challenging Bob’s denial and inspiring others to come forward with their own stories.

SPECIAL, the word used to control, hurt, shame, and quiet them will now find its true meaning for each of them and with each other in retribution and healing.

Key Personnel: 

Award Winning Crew/Screenplay – Ann P Meredith

Director of Photography – Robert ‘Bobby Altman

1st Assistant Director – Susie Flower

Sound – Andy Wiskes

Payroll – Marie Hunter 

Line Producer – Richard Thorne

Assistant to Director – Savannah Wang