Daniel Ferry (Director)
Marzy Hart (Actor/Producer)
18 mins, 2015

Lily Drover led a typical city-dweller’s life until she found her newest obsession: murder. Desperate to escape her mundane day-to-day life, she begins luring in the unsuspecting in a twisted, murderous spree to satisfy her dark desires, all the while narrowly escaping detection by the authorities.

Daniel Ferry is a freelance editor based in New York City with professional experience on Avid, Premiere, After Effects and Adobe Suite. Ferry’s work ranges from award-winning documentaries to commercials with national distribution, as well as work on an Emmy-nominated HBO series. Visit for more information.




Marzy Hart is a Russian/Jewish award nominated actor and award-winning filmmaker. Her drive to tell stories and her exasperation at the lack of representation of women/poc/queer in entertainment pushed her to expand her skill set to include writing and producing. She co-founded the production company Besties Make Movies. She’s a member of NYWIFT, Filmshop, Dreamers // Doers, NYC Women Filmmakers and Women Taking Over The Cultural World. Follow her on instagram: to get the scoop! Follow her personal and podcast account on Instagram.