Screenings and Festivals

I Didn’t See You There will screen as part of the 15th Annual ReelAbilities Film Festival: New York. Spurred by the spectacle of a circus tent that goes up outside his Oakland apartment, a disabled filmmaker launches into an unflinching meditation on spectacle, (in)visibility, and the corrosive legacy of the Freak Show. A Q&A with director Reid Davenport will follow the screening. The screening will take place Dec 6 at 7pm. Learn more and RSVPEnter code rffvip for FREE tickets.

Nkosi Eclipseda short documentary from NYWIFT Members Candice Delevante and Tamara Daley, is now available to stream via PZAZ.TV. The documentary follows the saga of Nkosi Gray-El, and his journey before, throughout, and after incarceration. By rediscovering an early childhood practice, Nkosi uses yoga to help his fellow inmates endure intense physical, mental, and emotional suffering behind bars. Learn more.


A brand-new, special episode of podcast I Was Never There is available to stream! In this series, take a trip into the countercultural movements swirling through West Virginia in the 1970s and 80s. NYWIFT Advisory Board President Jamie Zelermyer and her mother Karen investigate the shocking disappearance of their friend Marsha “Mudd” Ferber and explore her evolution from suburban housewife to back-to-the-land hippie to drug-dealing bar owner. As mother and daughter venture deeper into the mystery of Marsha’s disappearance, the two process their own history: Jamie reflects on her nontraditional upbringing and Karen reckons with the joyful and complicated consequences of her decisions. Listen now.


Around the Sun Podcast, co-produced by NYWIFT member Suzanne Ordas Curry, is available to stream. Looking for something new to listen to? How about a series of fun, engaging and thought-provoking short stories? Around the Sun Podcast, the popular podcast series is back for a second season starting October 2022 with new episodes throughout the fall. It stars iconic and well-known actors from stage and screen. Created by Brad Forenza and presented via the Broadway Podcast Network, you’ll hear fictional stories (under 10 minutes) about love, relationships, coming of age, identity, retirement, life choices, sustainability, and even a few aliens. Learn more and listen.

NYWIFT Member Kristin Reiber Harris has launched a series of coloring books called Discover Nature in the City. Kristin has had a long career of creating art and animation celebrating the natural world. She invites us to become careful observers of the genius of mother nature and to honor our connections. A recent transplant to NYC, she has created a series of four coloring books about nature in the city available on Amazon. Learn more and purchase.


Desperate Souls, from NYWIFT Member Nancy Buirski, is screening as part of Hamptons Doc Fest, co-presented by NYWIFT. This is not a documentary about the making of Midnight Cowboy. It is about New York in a troubled era of cultural upheaval. The 1969 movie tells the story of two homeless loners brilliantly played by Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman, who join forces out of desperation and struggle to survive. Midnight Cowboy is set in a New York besieged by economic collapse in the midst of black, gay and women’s liberation movements. This documentary looks at why this unique movie resonates so powerfully more than fifty years later. The film will screen Dec 3 at 4pm ET at Sag Harbor Cinema. Nancy along with Producer, and NYWIFT Member Susan Margolin, will be in attendance for the Q&A. Learn more and purchase tickets.


Tickets are not on sale for Other Israel Film Festival. The Other Israel Film Festival, founded in 2007, presents cinema and television that inspires conversation and takes an in-depth look into Israeli and Palestinian societies. The festival will run Nov 3-13Learn more and purchase tickets. Enter code nywift22 for 20% off.


Cinema Village has announced more showtimes of Calendar Girls. The film follows Florida’s most dedicated dance team for women over 60, shaking up the outdated image of “the little old lady,” and calling for everyone to dance their hearts out, while they still can. The film will screen Nov 4-10 at Cinema Village. NYWIFT Members will receive a $4 discount at the box-office or by purchasing a student ticket online, and presenting their NYWIFT Member card  at the screening, Learn more.


Exposure, a documentary feature directed and produced by NYWIFT Member Holly Morris, will have three special screening events in NYC. Exposure captures the audacious story of a Muslim chaplain, a French biologist, a Qatari princess and eight other women from the Arab World and the West who attempt a harrowing expedition over the rapidly disappearing Arctic sea ice to the top of the world – the North Pole. Screenings will take place Nov 11-13. Learn more and RSVP.


The Tollbooth, a film by NYWIFT Member Debra Kirschner, is now streaming on Tubi. The film follows a struggling painter as she makes her way through her first year out of art school in this comic exploration of a Jewish family’s life in Brooklyn. Watch now.



The Greenwich Village Film Festival is back at the Quad Cinema for its 8th Edition. The festival showcases short films from all over the world. Founded by NYWIFT member Alessia Gatti, GVFF is offering  a discount code to all NYWIFT members. Each screening is followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and an after party at the Quad Cinema Bar. The festival will run Nov 7-10. Learn more and purchase tickets. Enter code NYWIFT15 for discount.


A Tree of Life: The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting, a documentary produced by NYWIFT Member Susan Margolin, is now streaming on HBO Max. The film, an HBO original documentary from Emmy-winning director Trish Adlesic and executive producers Michael Keaton, Billy Porter, and Mark Cuban, and featuring an original song by Idina Menzel, premiered Oct 26 on HBOMax. On October 27th, 2018, a gunman opened fire inside a Pittsburgh synagogue, killing eleven people as they prayed, in what would become the deadliest antisemitic attack in American history. A Tree of Life: The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting is a deeply personal portrait of the survivors, victims and family members, who share their harrowing first-hand accounts of the impact of the shooting on the community. The film is rooted in a community in the aftermath of a violent attack, as they work to rebuild and heal. Learn more.

Monk Arsenije, directed by NYWIFT Svetlana Cemin, is streaming on Prime Video UK. Monk Arsenije, once a Belgradian cult figure from the ’80s who has been living as a monk for the past 30 years, is engaged in restoring and creating a spiritual and cultural center in the Monastery of Ribnica, central Serbia. Watch the film now. Svetlana was recently interviewed about the film at the Swedish International Film Festival. Listen nowAdam Fuss: A Landscape of Imagination, another film directed by Svetlana, is currently available to stream on Prime Video in both the UK and US!


The 13th annual edition of DOC NYC, the largest documentary film festival in the US, will run Nov 9-27 in theaters and online. NYWIFT is proud to partner on the following films: 

A Witch Story 
African Moot
Wisdom Gone Wild
Queen of the Deuce
Jeanette Lee Vs
Hunting in Packs
Category: Woman
In Her Hands
The Art of Rebellion

When purchasing tickets, enter code DOCNYC_PTNR_22 for $3 off all regular & matinee screenings (excluding opening/closing night and centerpiece.) 

Do you have a project screening at DOC NYC? Email to let us know!


When Love Hurts, directed and co-produced by NYWIFT Member Patience Okhuofu, will screen at CityPlex Cinema in Newark, NJ. When Love Hurts is a story that was inspired by the issues of immigration, child abuse, domestic violence, mental health, and trauma that plague our community. The screening will take place Nov 3. The event will begin with a red carpet at 6pm, followed by the screening of the film at 7pm prompt. After, there will be a Q&A session, ending with a brief video interview. Learn more and purchase tickets.


NYWIFT Board Member Okema T. Moore recently ran creative and directed the new HERTAKE commercial for Lifetime. The commercial, airing on Lifetime for Hispanic Heritage Month, features art therapist Athena Castillo, and was produced by Octavia Pride for HollandWest Productions. Watch now.


A new episode of Mentors on the Mic, a podcast hosted by NYWIFT Member Michelle Miller, is now streaming. For the latest episode Michelle sits down with filmmaker Winter Dunn. Winter Dunn is an award winning producer, director and actress. She produced Numa Perrier’s debut feature film, Jezebel which premiered at SXSW 2019 and was awarded Best Narrative Feature at the American Black Film Festival that same year. Jezebel has been acquired by Ava DuVernay and is currently streaming on Netflix. Plus, NYWIFT screened Dunn’s short film Dear Mama at the Hamptons Film Festival Women Calling the Shots showcase earlier this month. Listen now.


Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power, a new documentary from Nina Menkes, will open on Oct 21 at DCTV. This film is an essential examination and re-framing of the language of cinema that embeds itself in our culture and our lives. Using the access point of our most beloved cinematic memories, Menkes opens our eyes to the consistent portrayal of women as the default object, existing on screen for the visual pleasure of an audience. Far from mere academic theory, Menkes connects that vision to very real consequences. Drawing a parallel from the screen to society, we see ramifications in discrimination and abuse against women from a culture that has learned not to see us as agents of our own narratives. A precise and astute journey, Menkes rouses us with urgency from our cinematic dreams, sounding the alarm of what is at stake when we watch without seeing. Learn more and purchase tickets. Enter code DCTVFilmmaker for 25% off tickets.


Tickets are on sale for the Ecuadorian Film Festival in New York! EFFNY is the renowned international film festival outside of Ecuador, and the only one in the United States, bringing together Ecuadorian filmmakers in various genres, including feature-length narratives, documentaries and shorts. Its mission is to open a window into this diverse country and inspire people to have meaningful conversations while celebrating Ecuador and cinema. With every edition, the festival’s audience of Ecuadorian and non-Ecuadorian cinephiles and Ecuador lovers from the NYC-Tristate area continues to expand. EFFNY is produced by NYWIFT Member Giovanna Aguilar and is a NYWIFT fiscally sponsored project! The festival is will run Oct 29-Nov 6. Learn more and purchase tickets.

Black Public Media presents their new short film series Be Heard: I Am Who I Say I Am. Commemorate LGBTQ History Month by watching the 3 part mini-series which explores stories around gender identity and affirmation. Whether you’re new to understanding the nuances of gender identity or have been advocating gender affirmation for years, check out BPM’s new short film series celebrating three feel-good stories of gender affirmation. The series is one of many BPM programs leading up to Transgender Awareness Week. Watch now on YouTube.

In Fidelity, a feature film executive produced by and starring NYWIFT Member Eve Austin, has cast Chris Parnell, Cara Buono, Dennis Haysbert in lead roles. Rob Margolies’ New York-set film follows a happily married husband who permits his terminally ill wife to sleep with their rock star neighbor. Read the Hollywood Reporter article

Tickets are not on sale for Other Israel Film Festival. The Other Israel Film Festival, founded in 2007, presents cinema and television that inspires conversation and takes an in-depth look into Israeli and Palestinian societies. The festival explores human stories and social issues. Other Israel presents dramatic and documentary films, as well as panels and events exploring the relationship between history, culture, and identity. With partner organizations, the festival aims to engage the community, deepen views, challenge perspectives, and drive communities to action. Learn more and purchase tickets. Enter code nywift22 for 20% off.


Invisible Demons is now streaming on MUBI. In the sprawling mega city of Delhi, the dangers of climate change are present, not future, for 30 million inhabitants fighting to survive. Invisible Demons explores the dramatic consequences of India’s growing economy, capturing a city in crisis, and our collective climate realities. This documentary is an unapologetically glaring but aesthetically stunning call to action for climate change. Watch the film and sign up for 30 days of free MUBI.


NYWIFT Member Jean Criss was recently interviewed for The Burn Podcast. Each week, April Stearns and the writers of Wildfire Magazine share their experiences of being diagnosed with breast cancer under 50. The Burn is about telling cancer stories like you’ve never read, or heard, before. Jean Criss is an author, digital media entrepreneur, festival and multimedia producer, tech innovator, post-surgical fashion designer, and a certified bra fitter. She was diagnosed with both Stage 0 and Stage 1 ductal breast cancer in her mid-40s. Since treatment, 15 years ago, Jean has had no evidence of disease. Today she reads her piece “My Million Dollar Boobs Led to a Million Words” from Wildfire Magazine’s 2022 “Money and Cancer” issue. April and Jean discuss transforming from patient to owning your own voice by sharing your story, advice for people who don’t consider themselves writers, and Jean’s entrepreneurial work turning pain into purpose by creating a line of post breast surgery bras. Learn more and listen now. 


The Redeemer will screen as part of the 2022 SoHo International Film Festival. After her husband is brutally murdered, a young and newly pregnant homesteader and her Native American mother in law must fight for survival after being kidnapped by a gang of violent outlaws. Meanwhile, a washed up war hero and his estranged son embark on a rescue mission into the frontier to save them. But the horrors and dangers of the Wild West, and the Father’s troubled past keeps catching up to them. Leaving the two women to fend for themselves in an epic story of survival, revenge, and redemption in the Wild, Wild West. This movie is dedicated to and made in honor for all the Indigenous women of this country, who are more likely to go missing or be murdered than any other ethnicity in this country. Missing but not forgotten. NYWIFT Member Diane Bradshaw of Bradshaw Law Group P.C. served as Production Legal on the film. The film will screen Oct 6 at 6pm ET. Learn more and purchase tickets.

Hell of a Cruise, produced by NYWIFT Board Member Gretchen McGowan, is streaming on Peacock. The documentary feature tells the harrowing tale of a cursed cruise ship in the early days of COVID-19, from frightened passengers and an oppressed crew to venal corporate powerbrokers and hapless government officials. Watch now.


The African Desperate is now screening in select NYC theaters and is available to stream on MUBI. The riotous coming-of-age comedy from acclaimed artist Martine Syms, tracks one very long day for Palace Bryant (Diamond Stingily), a newly minted MFA grad whose final 24 hours in art school become a real trip. Through a hazy night-long odyssey from academic critiques to backseat hookups, The African Desperate sparkles with razor-sharp satire and vivid aesthetic invention. The film is currently screening at BAM and Quad Cinema in NYC. Learn more and watch now.


Passes are available for the Lake Placid Film Festival. The festival is proud to celebrate the community of film industry amateurs, professionals and just plain movie buffs, with award winning shorts screenings, cutting edge feature length films, educational seminars, mixers, receptions, tributes, directors, producers; and you: all wrapped in the mystical, magical village of Lake Placid, NY. The festival will take place Oct 20-23Learn more and purchase passes. Enter discount code WIF&T at checkout  – festival passes will be $99 instead of $135. NYWIFT is co-presenting Lake Placid Laughs on Friday and the Women in Sci-Fi panel on Saturday during the fest. 

Simone Jackson from The J Lounge podcast recently sat down and interviewed producer, director, and NYWIFT Board Member Alex Cirillo. Step into The J Lounge where Simone has open discussions, on topics in entertainment, celebrity interviews, and first time recipes. Listen now.


The Only Woman In The World, by NYWIFT Member Debra Markowitz, is now available on Amazon Prime Video. The film follows an up-and-coming film director who is torn between forgiving the lover who broke her heart and risking it all for her leading man. Watch now


From first-time filmmaker and New Orleans native Edward Buckles, Jr., Katrina Babies offers an intimate look at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and its impact on the youth of New Orleans. NYWIFT Board Member Audrey Rosenberg produced the Tribeca Festival award-winning film, which is now available to watch on HBO Max

Sixteen years after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, an entire generation still grapples with the lifelong impact of having their childhood redefined by tragedy. New Orleans filmmaker Edward Buckles Jr., who was 13 years old during Katrina and its initial aftermath, spent seven years documenting the stories of his peers who survived the storm as children, using his community’s tradition of oral storytelling to open a door for healing and to capture the strength and spirit of his city. Katrina Babies details the close-knit families and vibrant communities of New Orleans whose lives were uprooted by the 2005 disaster. These American children who were airlifted out of the rising waters, evacuated from their homes to refugee-like centers, or placed in makeshift, temporary living situations, have been neglected. As families were tasked with reintegrating into new communities, having experienced loss, displacement, and lack of support from government officials, the children were left to process their trauma in a wounded, fractured city.



Two new episodes of the podcast First Online with Fran, hosted by NYWIFT member Fran McGarry, are now streaming:

“Joan Kane: Speaking Truth” – listen now.
“Emma Palzere-Rae: Raising Representation Awareness” – listen now.

Both episodes focus on theatre, how it heals, and covers issues of creativity and find one’s voice through the medium. If you would like to be interviewed for the podcast, contact Fran.


Now Let’s Talk Podcast, hosted by NYWIFT Members Vanessa Cordova-Corwin and Kathleen Kaan, has a new episode available to stream. Don’t miss this special episode, “Everything You Need to Know About Monkeypox.” Jason Cianciotto, VP of Communications and Public Policy for Gay Men’s Health Crisis, provides a comprehensive overview of this disease and explains all aspects of this public health emergency, including how to protect yourself and what to do if you think you have been exposed. Jason has also appeared on CNN and other news outlets. Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify,, iHeartRadio, or wherever you get your podcasts. Listen now.


I Was Never There, a podcast from NYWIFT Board President Jamie Zelermyer and her mother, Karen Zelermyer, is now available to stream on Apple Podcasts. Jamie and Karen created the podcast to investigate what happened to their friend Marsha Ferber who disappeared from Morgantown, West Virginia in 1988, when Jamie was 15 years old. One afternoon she went out to run an errand and she was never seen or heard from again. Jamie recently wrote a piece for Newsweek talking about Marsha’s disappearance. Read more and listen to the podcast.


The second season of Only Murders in the Building is now streaming on Hulu. Only Murders in the Building follows three strangers (Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez) who share an obsession with true crime and suddenly find themselves wrapped up in one. When a grisly death occurs inside their exclusive Upper West Side apartment building, the trio suspects murder and employs their precise knowledge of true crime to investigate the truth. Former NYWIFT Board Member Destiny Lilly served as a casting director on the new season. Watch on Hulu.


Andrea Dworkin: INTERVIEWS  is available to watch on YouTube. The series of interviews with feminist icon, Andrea Dworkin, was produced, directed, and edited by NYWIFT Member Roberta Pyzel. Dworkin challenges us to rethink our most deeply imbedded ideas about the hierarchies of domination and submission that infuse our sexual, social and economic relationships. Her courageous commitment to elevating the voices of people, especially women, who are suffering, was born out of a deep compassion and a belief that another kind of world is possible… a world that disavows cruelty and embraces a truly egalitarian society. Watch now


Slayer, a short film from NYWIFT Member Eileen McQueen, is available to watch on YouTube. Three friends, a shortcut, and a monster – Teesh, Monet and Yuko, give up on the bus and take a shortcut through Forest Park in Queens, NYC and they are determined to get to the other side, no matter WHAT gets in their way. Watch now.


Being Bebe, directed by NYWIFT Member Emily Branhamis now available to stream on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video. Just in time for PRIDE, the award-winning doc film Being Bebe captures the incredible rise of the first ever winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race: the legendary BeBe Zahara Benet. The film intimately charts 15 years for the drag performer, an immigrant from homophobic Cameroon, first champion on iconic LGBTQ+ reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race and a leading artist celebrating Queer Black Excellence today. Learn more and watch.


Drown the Clown, starring NYWIFT Member Amy Renée Garcia, is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Claire Sable (Amy Renée Garcia), who recently lost her daughter, Lily, in a drowning accident, struggles to cope and insists on preserving her daughter’s belongings; however, when Lily’s clown doll begins popping up in several places, Claire is spooked. For her performance in the film, Amy was awarded Best Actress in a Feature Film Award from the Culver City Film Festival (2020.) Watch now.


The Courtney Harmel Collection has been featured in the Global Image Works newsletter. Video artist, filmmaker and NYWIFT Member Courtney Harmel was a key player in New York’s downtown video scene, producing work that documented the ‘No Wave’ retail and performance culture of the mid-1980s. The performers and artists in her work include Joey Arias, Charles Busch, Alexis del Lago, Divine, John “Lypsinka” Epperson, Tony Frere, Keith Haring, Grace Jones, John Kelly, Tanya Ransom, Gerard Little, Ann Magnuson, Wendy Wild, John Sex, Andy Warhol, and Madonna. A program of her videos of performance and fashion from the 1980s in downtown New York was in the Club 57exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. Her work is in the museum’s permanent collection. Learn more.


Sneakerella, executive produced by  NYWIFT Board Member Rachel Watanabe-Batton, will be available to stream on Disney+ next month! The movie, set in the avant-garde street/sneaker culture of New York City, follows El, an aspiring designer from Queens who works as a stock boy in the shoe store once owned by his late mother. With an overburdened stepfather and two mean-spirited stepbrothers coming between any opportunity that comes his way, a chance meeting with Kira King, the daughter of former NBA star/sneaker tycoon Darius King, may be the spark that ignites El as they bond over their shared love of sneakers. With help from his best friend and some “fairy godfather” magic, El finds the courage to pursue his dream. Sneakerella drops Friday, May 13 on Disney+. Watch the trailer.


NYWIFT member Julija Avramenko has created a video to raise awareness of the conflict in her home country of Ukraine. The video features Ukranian children asking the world to listen, to end this war, to stop the horror and suffering being inflicted upon the innocents which have nothing to do with the conflict. Julija has asked NYWIFT to share this video to give a voice to those most vulnerable, and to spread a message of unity, cooperation and kindness when it matters most. Watch now.


Lucy and Desi, a new documentary directed by Amy Poehler, is now streaming on Prime Video. Lucy and Desi explores the unlikely partnership and enduring legacy of one of the most prolific power couples in entertainment history. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz risked everything to be together. Their love for each other led to the most influential show in the history of television, I Love Lucy. The documentary features interviews with Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill, Norman Lear, Desi Arnaz Jr., Carol Burnett, and Bette Midler. NYWIFT Member Michele Spitz sponsored and produced the audio-description, and NYWIFT member Sara Bernstein was Executive Producer on the film. Watch the film.


Asking For It is now available on all major streaming and VOD platforms. After a small town waitress is sexually assaulted on a date, she meets Regina and Beatrice and is recruited into their vigilante group of badass women. Together they strive to take down a society overpowered by corrupt men and seek the ultimate revenge while getting their own version of justice. Asking For It was recently given the ReFrame Stamp, a distinction for projects that have demonstrated gender-balanced hiring. NYWIFT member Jendra Jarnagin was cinematographer on the film. Watch the trailer.


The LIBBY Show: Lunch with the Ladies is streaming on YouTube. The new online talk show, produced and hosted by NYWIFT member Suzanne Ordas Curryaims to entertain, inform and inspire women “of a certain age.” To coincide with Black History Month Suzanne interviewed Dr. Francois Clemmons, the postman from Mister Roger’s Neighborhood who shared a pool with Fred Rogers in the iconic scene from the show. Dr. Clemmons also stars in the podcast Around the Sun, co-produced by Suzanne. Watch now.



NYWIFT Member Nancy Cohen‘s new short play The Best is Yet To Come or Else is available to watch through the Library Equity Theatre of New York and on YouTube. The play, which Nancy wrote many years ago, was accepting to Library Equity’s Winter 2022 Virtual Play Festival and was shot in a few weeks at Nancy’s local pub. The short play stars fellow NYWIFT member Olivia Welch – who Nancy found and cast through the NYWIFT Member Directory! Watch the short play and make sure to check out the NYWIFT Member Directory whenever you’re looking to hire or connect.


Chocolate Road, the debut documentary feature from NYWIFT member Tanya Chuturkova, is available on VOD. Chocolate Road is a discovery of where chocolate comes from. Three renowned chocolatiers – Maribel Lieberman, Susumu Koyama and Mikkel Friis-Holm – take us through the process of craft chocolate-making, starting from the plantations, through the different stages of preparation of the beans and all the way to the final chocolate pieces. On their journey each of them finds how important it is to know the roots of their prime material – the cacao bean, and the social impact of the people involved in the chocolate production chain. Learn more and rent the film.


Around the Sun Podcast, from NYWIFT member Suzanne Ordas Curry (Co-Producer/PR), is available to stream. The episodic podcast, which was recently featured in Variety,  is available through the Broadway Podcast Network and new episodes will drop until Thanksgiving. The podcast features the voices of Marsha Mason, Sally Struthers, BD Wong, Alysia Reiner, RHONJ Dolores Catania, Maureen Van Zandt, Vincent Pastore, Lilli Cooper, Veanne Cox and many more from stage and screen. Each episode tackles a social issue with warmth, humor and insight. Learn more.


A Case of Blue, from NYWIFT member Suzanne Ordas Curry (Co-Producer/PR) is available to stream. The independent feature film which stars Stephen Schnetzer (Homeland, Another World) and Anapurna Sriram (Billions, Feral) is being distributed by 1091 Media and is now available for rental or purchase on most major platforms. The film is about a retiree looking to figure out what he wants to do with his life, starting his quest with an art class in NYC. Learn more



Neoyorquinos, a Spotify original podcast in Spanish, is the result of the collective effort and perseverance of five Latinx/Latin Americans. The executive producers, Carol Colmenares and Mariella Perez-Perez are proud NYWIFT members. “We had the opportunity to meet with several industry representatives, and Spotify’s curiosity was piqued” said Carol Colmenares, EP for Neoyorquinos. The podcast invites the audience to rediscover New York through the eyes of Latin American artists. Mariza Bafile’s writing evokes a poem, a love letter to New York where artists find meaning and inspiration. Directed by Flavia Romani, the soundscape of the city, the vibe and hustle is brought to life. Adding Estefania Giraldo’s melodious voice and the heartfelt stories of the featured artists, listeners will be transported to Williamsburg Beach or Bryant Park or perhaps they’ll recognize the characteristic sounds in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. “We are moved by a desire and a commitment to produce a quality podcast that anyone with an affinity to New York, can enjoy” said Mariella Perez-Perez Co-Executive Producer of Neoyorquinos. Neoyorquinos is produced by Viceversa Magazine and Timeline Digital. Listen for free on Spotify.


Lust Life Love, a narrative feature film written, produced, and co-directed by NYWIFT member Stephanie Sellars, is now available to stream on all major on-demand platforms. When a bisexual, polyamorous sex blogger falls madly in love with a monogamous man, she comes face to face with the frightening truth about herself. Sellars starred in the film alongside Jake Choi. Prior to distribution, Lust Life Love screened at five film festivals including Berlin Independent Film Festival (Best Romance Feature), Queens World Film Festival (Best LGBTQ Feature), and FilmOut San Diego LGBTQ Film Festival (Freedom Award). Learn more.


NYWIFT member Kimberly Singleton has launched a podcast version of her television show Consider It Blacklit. This show highlights films, television programs and stage plays featuring African Americans up front and behind the scenes. The podcast also discusses social issues related to these programs and how they impact our communities. Singleton interviews directors, writers, producers, actors, content creators, arts organization leaders and overall film/television/stage enthusiasts. The podcast is available on Brooklyn Free Speech Radio, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Overcast, Castro, Castbox and Podfriend. New episodes are uploaded every Monday. Learn more and listen.