SALTWATER is a poignant and thought-provoking coming-of-age short film that transports viewers to the beautiful island of Barbados. The film chronicles the journey of two Caribbean-American siblings as they return to their late mother’s homeland after her passing. Forced to spend the weekend with their traditional grandparents, the children grapple with feelings of displacement and cultural clashes. Through stunning visuals and a heartfelt narrative, SALTWATER explores the complexities of identity and the struggles of finding a sense of belonging in a new environment.


Dexcee Lowe, a Caribbean-American Director pursuing her M.F.A. at The Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, is passionate about bringing authentic representation of Caribbean culture to the screen. Born in America to a Barbadian parent, Dexcee’s experiences and frustrations with cultural differences inspired her narrative short film, “SALTWATER.” Amidst her graduate studies and the recent loss of her grandfather, Dexcee’s drive to create “SALTWATER” emerged, aiming to challenge stereotypes and advocate for underrepresented voices. With a background in film production and a commitment to amplifying the
voices of women of color and West Indians, Dexcee aims to use “SALTWATER” as a platform to celebrate Caribbean heritage and promote cultural understanding. Through her dedication to storytelling and her mission to create relatable narratives, Dexcee looks forward to sharing “SALTWATER” with the world and continuing to pursue her filmmaking goals beyond graduation in Spring 2025.


Jade Copeland is a multifaceted producer and video editor, bringing a unique perspective and experience to the film industry. As a Southern-born Black woman, she has a deep understanding of the importance of representation and diversity in media. Her passion for uplifting and empowering black stories is evident in her work and her mission to bring these stories to the forefront of film. With 10 years of competitive hip hop dance experience, Jade has a strong artistic foundation that influences her creative decisions. Currently pursuing her MFA in producing at Brooklyn College’s Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, she is well-versed in all aspects of the film and TV pre-production and development process. Jade’s internships at NBCUniversal for two semesters has provided her with invaluable industry experience and a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the entertainment world.

Director of Photography

Chukwuemeka Chukwurah is a Nigerian-born cinematographer based in Brooklyn, NY. His work focuses on showcasing the diversity of stories from marginalized communities, stories navigating the immigrant experience, the meaning of “home,” and belonging in a body sometimes frozen between cultures. His work also seeks to explore the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender roles. Emeka has had the opportunity to work on film productions across the globe, including productions in Brazil, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria. Chukwuemeka earned his doctorate at Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy in 2013. Having grown up in Nigeria and worked in the healthcare sector for a long time, Chukwuemeka’s cultural background and experiences have significantly shaped his worldview. This, in turn, has given him a unique perspective on storytelling and influenced his approach to teamwork and collaboration from pre-production to post-production.