Queen Idia



Queen Idia of the great Benin Kingdom in the Midwestern part of Nigeria is the only child of her parents. Her father dies a few weeks before she is born and her mother dies a few minutes after giving birth to her. She is adopted by her uncle and grows up to be a very beautiful, fearless and strong woman. Idia is also blessed with mystical powers. Her ultimate goal is to make a difference in the Kingdom but first she has to contend with the customs and traditions of the Land and her co-wife, Ohonmi. All through the film, these contending situations throw a wrench in Idia’s resolve to present women’s matters in the Royal Court of the Oba (King) of Benin Empire, stop the killings of Kings’ mothers and also attain the highest position a woman can hold in the Kingdom – lyoba (Mother of the King and Kingdom). She uses everything in her arsenal – Wit, Guts, Strength, Mystical powers and a mother’s love to achieve her Goal.


Patience Ovo Okhuofu
Producer | Director

Patience was born in Benin City, Nigeria. She studied Theatre Arts at the University of Benin and migrated to the United States in 1998. With determination and ambition, she applied and was accepted into Montclair State University in 1999 to continue her studies. After years of hard work and dedication, she proudly graduated from MSU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts. But Patience’s thirst for knowledge and experience did not stop there. Upon graduating from MSU, she made the bold decision to enlist in the United States Army. Her time in the Army was a period of immense growth and development, both personally and professionally. As a Multimedia Illustrator in the Army, she honed her skills in creating visual media, while also taking on the additional responsibilities of a Public Affairs representative and Visual Information Recorder.

Her outstanding work ethic and professionalism did not go unnoticed, and she received numerous Awards including the prestigious Army Commendation Medal. After serving in both Active duty and the Army Reserve. Patience was honorably discharged in 2014. However, her desire to constantly better herself and explore new avenues led her to pursue a career in Filmmaking. In 2016, she was accepted into the New York Film Academy, where she studied Filmmaking Upon completion of the program, she decided to further her skills and knowledge by enrolling in Cinematography. Her hard work paid off when she graduated from the Cinematography Program in 2017. But Patience’s thirst for knowledge and creativity was not limited to filmmaking, she also delved into other areas such as Graphic design, Fashion design, and Animation and Visual Effects. Her diverse skills and interests have allowed her to direct and produce several short films, including “Break in Transmission” (2016), “Idia – The Idah War” (2017). “CELL” (2017), “Apple” (2017), and “Are You Okay?” (2018). The film “Idia – The Idah War” Patience’s film thesis and a proof of concept for “QUEEN IDIA (Wife. Mother. Warrior),” was selected and screened at various film festivals and a few cinemas in New Jersey and Toronto. She also directed and co-produced the feature film, “When Love Hurts” (2020) which made the cinema rounds in Canada and the United States. Patience’s passion for Filmmaking also extended to working in various crew positions. She is the cinematographer for the award-winning short film “49 Years After – The Gifted”, the key grip for “A Life in the Day of Who” Line Producer and Production Manager for “The Wiccan Girl”, assistant director for “Isabella – Diary of a Foster Girl and Production Manager / Set Decorator for “Pot vs Kettle” just to name a few. Her versatility and dedication have allowed her to excel in every role she takes on. Beyond her professional achievements. Patience is also a loving wife and mother to two children. Her family is her biggest motivation and source of support in her journey towards success. Patience’s story is one of resilience, determination, and hard work. She has never let any obstacle stop her from achieving her dreams, her passion for filmmaking and constant pursuit of knowledge have led her to where she is today – a great filmmaker, a proud Army veteran and a loving wife and mother. With her talent and drive, there is no doubt that Patience will make her mark in the world of cinema.

She is a long-time member of NY Women in Film & TV.