NYWIFT Members at YoFiFest 2019

NYWIFT is proud to announce the following NYWIFT member films will be featured at YoFiFest 2019:


Icarus Stops for Breakfast
directed by Abigail Zealey Bess

A young misfit couple, Sissy and Russell on their first romantic camping trip to the mountains are surprised when they discover they have inadvertently trapped a guardian owl in the back of their pick up truck who doesn’t seem to want to leave. Adapted from the short story Eating by Rick Bass. See showtimes.

Journey Without a Map
directed by Jill Woodward

Abdul discovers an unlikely passion in contemporary dance, tapping into the healing power of art as he seeks asylum in Greece from his native Afghanistan. See showtimes.

My Dinner With Schwartzey
directed by Melissa Skirboll

Fiona, a precocious 16-year old with dreams of rock and roll stardom, has become the “special friend” of Schwartzey, a powerful music producer with a penchant for teens, who promises to make her dreams come true..for a price. See showtimes.

Pretty Dead 
Directed by Inga Moren Tapias
Co-written by Valerie Peterson

Since Carol Mortimer played the pivotal Wicked Witch of the East role in her high school play, she wanted to be an actress. Landing in New York City with stars in her eyes, she soon got her big break as she — and the industry — realized she had a very special niche talent.  See showtimes.

Team Marilyn
directed by LaToya Morgan

On the eve of a game-changing campaign event, a politician must decide what to do when a secret scandal erupts a few days out from a historic presidential election. See showtimes.

The Basis Of Intimacy
directed by Victoria Spadaccini
starring Gaia Visnar 

A young woman named Skylar is left alone after her family gets broken apart due to immigration laws. In search of a place to belong, she falls into a downward spiral of destruction. Turbulent events lead her to as afar as homeless, but she manages to summon her strength and write her story. See showtimes.

Water On Stone
directed by, written by, and starring Nancy Allison

Like water on stone, mourning seeps in, softening, eroding, consuming old enmities and guiding a woman along the transformative precipice of grief. What is released, what remains and what will follow? See showtimes.

Secret Feminism
written, produced, and directed by Shara Ashley Zeiger

Two feminists, Stella and Maggie, up to no good, sneak off to the woods to be “nasty women”. See showtimes.

Bad Trash
written and directed by Stephanie Franz

While struggling to put a failed relationship behind her, Nicole begins to suspect someone is stalking her. See showtimes.

 The seventh annual YoFiFest film festival is taking place November 1st-11th in the revitalized waterfront in downtown Yonkers. Over 190 independent movies will be screened, both from around the world and right in our own backyard. 

NYWIFT members get a 20% discount on all passes to the YoFiFest 2019 using code: NYWIFT20.

The festival is all about connections and conversations, so in addition to including talkback Q&A sessions at almost every screening, the festival offers a “mini-film school” series of workshops taught by award-winning industry professionals and parties and receptions where filmmakers and film fans get the chance to meet and mingle.

NYWIFT member Patty Schumann is the Co-Founder & Festival Director of YoFiFest and NYWIFT Board Member Annetta Marion is a Festival Advisor.