NYWIFT Member Juliet Werner’s Debut Feature Film Available on iTunes


NYWIFT member Juliet Werner has made her directorial debut on her first feature film, The Laughter Life. This documentary goes behind the scenes with a Mormon sketch comedy group as they craft their weekly television show, Studio C, and struggle to find the balance between living their faith and creating funny material. Occasionally called the Mormon SNL, Studio C has long had a ton of fans in the deeply observant community of Provo, Utah, where it’s taped. But recently comedy big shots like Kenan Thompson and Conan O’Brien have taken notice of the group’s unique ability to generate clean sketches that are actually funny.

The Laughter Life has played at film festivals across the United States, from Vermont to Los Angeles. It is currently screening in Utah. This film demonstrates how comedy and laughter has the ability to break down barriers between people.

Two reasons why your support is essential at this phase:

1.) Pre-orders are really important (especially for debut filmmakers) because they signal demand and cue digital platforms to give their film more promotion and better placement. So please go to iTunes and purchase the film any time between now and October 22ndhttps://apple.co/2xgNHWS

2.) Since this is an independent movie, the film needs help spreading the word. Please send this info to anyone in your life who you think would be interested in the film. And, if after watching it you like it, please don’t hesitate to say so online.


Juliet Werner is a senior segment producer on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Other comedy credits include The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, UCB Comedy, The Onion and Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn.