NYWIFT at the 2020 Queens World Film Festival

Congratulations to the following 12 NYWIFT members included in the 10th Annual Queens World Film Festival! This year’s festival spans 6 categories featuring films from 32 countries. 

The festival will take place VIRTUALLY Thursday, March 19 – Sunday, March 20, 2020. Learn more. Projects by NYWIFT members below are sorted in alphabetical order within their respective category.


Short Narrative


An Interloper’s Kiss
Director/Producer/Screenwriter – NYWIFT Member Grace Kim

A portrait of a woman’s everyday life seen through the perspective of an unlikely voyeuristic love interest.”



Art Show
Actor – NYWIFT Member Alexandra Foucard

The legitimacy of an influential artist’s work is called into question.”


Bird Watching
Director – NYWIFT Member Anne Hollowday

“An exploration of the ways we perform and perceive gender in the world today. With a metaphorical play-on-words approach, Bird Watching uses real-life documentary interviews and carefully curated archive footage to examine how women are seen”. 

Producer – NYWIFT Member Kerstin Glaess

“While attempting to escape the underground world of Catfighting – a sport where women are forced to fight one another to the death for the entertainment of men – Sadie the Savage and her trainer-turned-lover Barb the Barbarian are ratted out by one of their own. As punishment, they are forced to do the unthinkable: fight one another in the ring.”


Director/Producer – NYWIFT Member Nicola Rose

“When 13-year-old Gabrielle signs up for ballet, she encounters bullying from her teacher — and friendship in an unexpected place. A story about friendship, overcoming bullies, body image, and knowing your worth.” 


In Sync
Actor/Producer/Screenwriter – NYWIFT Member Josephine Huang

A young couple walk a fine line while thriving in an open marriage until they catch each other breaking their own rules.“



Actor/Producer/Screenwriter – NYWIFT Member Josephine Cashman  
Producer – NYWIFT Member Nancy Nagrant

“Trina wants to tell the man she loves about the invisible illness she hides, but when her imagination gets the best of her, it leads her on a rollercoaster ride of rejection and the worst possible outcomes. Will she give into her fears or will she face them, and at what cost? A story of Love, Rejection, and an Overactive Imagination.”

Medium Rare 
Director/Screenwriter – NYWIFT Member Dina Graham

After her first rebellious night out with friends, 16 year-old Claire finds the effects of her adventure, a little hard to stomach. Written and Directed by Dina Graham, “Medium Rare” is a nuanced coming-of-age drama told through an unusual lens. Claire, a bright-eyed, innocent 16 year-old, dines with her picture perfect family. As they enjoy their meal, a triage of perfectly cooked medium-rare steaks, Claire is more involved with her phone, excited about tonights upcoming secret adventure. Later that night, after the parents have gone to sleep, Claire and her mischievous friends sneak out a window. Their destination? The hottest nightclub in town. It’s Claire’s first time but her friends are experienced. As the night wears on, Claire’s experience will shape her view of the world. The lesson learned is not a feel good moral, rather a universal truth many women understand, but not too many speak about. “Medium Rare” is a film that explores the female experience through the eyes of a 16 year-old during her first night out. Changed by her encounter, Claire will be unsettled by what she can’t unsee. “ 


The Resistance 
Actor/ Executive Producer/Screenwriter – NYWIFT Member Lenore Marks 
Producer – NYWIFT Member Dawn Young

“In a dystopian near-future, the USA has been overthrown by a cabal known as The Regime Republic. Best friends Emma and Chloe, looking for a way to fight back, start an underground resistance movement and are ready to spread their message. But when their very first broadcast attempt is foiled by The Regime, they must find a new way to get their message out. Will they succeed, or will the Resistance be dead in the water?”


The Shallow End 
NYWIFT Director/Producer  – NYWIFT Member Cynthia Silver 

A group of teenaged girls jockey for power in the savage summer society of a community swimming pool during the summer of 1984.” 


Short Documentary

Return to Calais
NYWIFT Co-Director – Edith Goldenhar

A personal story, global story, and call to action. In 1940, Paulette was a teenage refugee fleeing the Nazi invasion of Belgium. In 2018, Edith follows her mother’s vivid wartime diary to retrace that journey to Calais and honor the Frenchwoman who sheltered Paulette and her family during the bombings. There she meets with Care4Calais volunteers helping in today’s refugee crisis. Bringing us close, RETURN TO CALAIS draws parallels between refugees past and present, showing how empathy joins the dots of displacement across generations and geography.”