NYWIFT 3rd Annual Online Shorts Festival – Watch Now!


New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT) is proud to announce the projects selected for the 3rd Annual NYWIFT Online Shorts Festival, presented in partnership with GoIndieTV.

NYWIFT was founded in 1977 by a handful of women who saw a pressing need in New York for a networking and education forum for women in the entertainment industry. Over 40 years later, NYWIFT’s diverse membership is now 2,500 strong, made up of women and men who work in all aspects of television, film and digital media, from behind-the-scenes to in front of the camera to the executive suite. We are thrilled to showcase some of established and rising stars through the Online Shorts Festival!

The selected films and webisodes are available to stream on the GoIndieTV website at http://goindietv.net/ 



And the projects are also being featured on the GoIndie TV Roku Channel, available to stream for free right on your TV!

The GoIndie TV Roku channel can be added to your Roku account with the following link: https://channelstore.roku.com/details/268755/gitv-film-and-tv

Or, on your TV: Select Streaming Channels -> Search Channels -> NYWIFT Shorts Festival. Then you have the option to add the channel to your list.


Watch the films online now:

All Hail Beth

A hapless Millennial Iranian-American woman wakes up one day as an ancient Babylonian Goddess.
NYWIFT Member Misha Calvert
(Writer & Director)

Best Web Series – 2nd Place (tied)
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All I See Is the Future

An optometrist opens her first clinic in the under-served area of Staten Island, New York. A newly released felon asks for a job. After some polishing up, they grow the clinic to 20,000 patients but a sudden “people, places and things” incident threatens to destroy all their hopes and dreams.
NYWIFT Member Nancy Dionne

Best Documentary – First Place
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Amsterdam Ave

Maya tries to adapt to her new life in New York attending the Manhattan Academy of Dramatic Arts. Kyran is in Amsterdam and competes in the annual DJ Competition of Flood Control Records.
NYWIFT Member Dionne van den Berg
(Writer, Producer, Actress)

Best Dramedy – Second Place
Best Supporting Role – Second Place, Catherine Curtain
Best Web Series – Second Place (tied)
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As Shadows

A freshly scraped up and stranded cult member grapples with her value, who she can trust and what recently transpired events might mean for her future amid the strangers who haunt this late-night diner.
NYWIFT Member Gilana Lobel

Top Producer Award – Gilana Lobel
Best Suspense/Drama – Second Place
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Bed Bugs & Co

A New York-based bedbug inspector infests people’s apartments instead of inspecting them.
NYWIFT Member Serena Dykman
(Writer, Director, Producer)

Honorable Mention
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Bumbld is a raw and unapologetic account of the ‘swipe culture’ from the female perspective
NYWIFT Member Amanda Bear
(Writer, Director, Producer, Actress)

Best Web Series – Third Place
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Abandoned by her childhood best friend, who is now allied with a bullying clique of mean girls, a mixed-race teenager is inspired to fight back by contemplating the life cycle of a butterfly.
NYWIFT Member Carlotta Summers

Best Social Awareness – Third Place
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When morning routine is jolted by a life-changing event, a young man must confront his little sister about their future.
NYWIFT Member Gilana Lobel

Top Producer Award – Gilana Lobel
Best Drama – Third Place
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Dog Walker

After losing custody of her children in a contentious divorce, Jill who now works as a dog walker and lives in a low-income section of her upscale town takes revenge on a privileged client.
NYWIFT Member Susan Skoog
(Writer, Director, Co-Producer)

Best Drama – Second Place
Best Dramedy – Third Place
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Two naive scientists discover a way to bring historical figures from the past. Starting with the African American heroine, Harriet Tubman.
NYWIFT Member Christine Dixon
(Actress & Director)

Best Actress – First Place, C.M. Vixaman
Most Unique/Creative Fantasy – Third Place (tied)
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ExDisposer follows Andy, the destructively neurotic former drummer for New Jersey hardcore outfit Disposer, who discovers his old band is returning home after a cross-country tour.
NYWIFT Member Amelia Spitler

Best Actor – First Place
Best Social Awareness – Second Place
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Fighting Shape

When Isabel’s relationship with her boyfriend ends, she takes it as a sign to reinvent herself. Isabel goes on a journey that includes a new dating strategy, new clothes and new work-out routine. But after throwing herself, literally into the ring, she realizes she’s fighting for the wrong thing.
NYWIFT Member Ann M. Gray

Best Comedy – Third Place (tied)
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Generation Lockdown

An 11 year old boy faces his worst nightmare when he tries to save the life of his best friend in an active shooter lockdown in his school.
NYWIFT Member Sirad Balducci


Best Social Awareness – First Place
Best Actor – Second Place, Caleb Brown
Best Director – Third Place (tied)
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Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl is a quirky, crafty, musical series centered around the strength of a life-long friendship between two young women. One of them is a Ghost Girl.
NYWIFT Member Samantha Evans
(Writer & Actor)

Honorable Mention
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High Deny

A comedy about a woman who struggles with an intervention orchestrated by her dysfunctional family.
NYWIFT Member Lydia Fiore
(Actress, Producer, Co-Writer)

Best Comedy – Third Place (tied)
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Hotel Bleu

A down and out stand-up comedian finds refuge at Hotel Bleu, where she meets a charismatic trumpet player half her age and gets her mojo back.
NYWIFT Member Bethany Jacobson
(Writer, Director, Producer)

Best Director – First Place
Best Writer – First Place
Best Guest Star – First Place, Julie Halston
Best Supporting Role – Third Place, Wayne Tucker
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I: Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand, the creator of “objectivism” and “shameless self-interest” finds herself banished to her own personal purgatory, faced with the repeated and eternal confirmation of her abysmal mediocrity as a writer and philosopher.”
NYWIFT Member Laura Arten
(Co-Producer & Actor)

Best Actress – Third Place, Debbie Irwin
Honorable Mention
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Icarus Stops for Breakfast

A dark comedy, Sissy and Russell on a camping trip to the mountains discover they have inadvertently trapped a guardian owl in the back of their pickup truck. A fairy tale that features a magical Owl, a Pig and a Donkey and a Diner caught in a time warp where anything can happen…
NYWIFT Member Abigail Zealey Bess

Most Unique/Creative Fantasy – Second Place
Best Supporting Role – Second Place, Catherine Curtain
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A lonely, middle-aged man sets out in search of his soul mate a fateful encounter with a banana.
NYWIFT Member Grace Kim
(Writer & Director)

Most Creative/Unique Fantasy – First Place
Best Director – Third Place
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Making of a Maestro

This is a story about a famous symphony orchestra conductor and his devotion to his father and the land of his Italian ancestry. With the popularity of heritage travel, and a news focus on immigration issues, this serves as a positive tale with layers of texture.
NYWIFT Member Valarie D’Elia
(Ex. Producer, Host, Writer)

Best Documentary – Third Place
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My First Start

Set in modern day, NYC. A hopeful singer arrives to a temporary day job excited at the opportunity for a steady paycheck. She quickly learns how the power of music possesses a unique way to stimulate old memories and remind her where her dream truly lies.
NYWIFT Member Maggie Politi
(Ex. Producer & Actress)

Honorable Mention
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On the Run

A father of two tries to outrun his fear and helplessness, after a chance-encounter with a cold-blooded criminal.
NYWIFT Member Tricia Nolan
(Director, Producer, Writer)

Best Suspense/Drama – First Place
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Peace of Mind

DNA Paternity testing. One test, many answers. Most of them you don’t want to know!
NYWIFT Member Swati Srivastava
(Writer & Director)

Best Comedy – First Place
Best Ensemble Cast – First Place
Best Director – Second Place
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Pretty Dead

The world’s preeminent corpse duty actress inspires others to work one heartbeat from stardom.
NYWIFT Members Valerie Peterson, Kristen Meloche & Niki Fairchild Azevedo
(VP: Co-Writer. KM: Director of Photography. NFA: Production, Costume, and Graphic Designer)

Most Unique/Creative Fantasy – Third Place
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Remember When

An emotional drama dealing with Alzheimer’s especially from the point of view of caregivers.
NYWIFT Member Swati Srivastava

(Writer, Director)

Overall Winner
Best Guest Star Performance – Second Place, Roslyn Gentle
Best Writer – Second Place
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Sur les Pointes

A creative journey of the Artistic Director of Orlando Ballet, Robert Hill, uniting classical ballet with contemporary through Spanish culture.
NYWIFT Member Nehir Onay

Best Documentary – Second Place
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The Birds Sing Too Loud

Mitch invites his two bitter, complaining aunts for a visit to his fancy home in Hollywood. It doesn’t go well.
NYWIFT Member Gilana Lobel

Best Producer – First Place
Best Comedy – Second Place
Best Guest Star – Third Place, Jane Lynch & Kate Mulgrew
Best Actor – Third Place, Braxton Molinaro
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The Company You Keep

A painfully shy woman is pushed to the brink of insanity by a friendship she should have ended long ago.
NYWIFT Member Joanna White-Oldman

Best Suspense/Drama – Third Place
Best Actress – Third Place, Aixa Kendrick
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Anna, a young Czech doctor, gets held up at U.S. immigration after a humanitarian trip to Uganda, the day her boyfriend wants to propose to her.
NYWIFT Member Serena Dykman
(Writer, Director, Producer)

Best Drama – First Place
Best Writer – Third Place
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While Fay’s Away

A homeless, pregnant, and desperate young woman navigates the delicate genesis of friendship when faced with a chance encounter.
NYWIFT Member Evalena Marie
(Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Actor)

Multi-potentiality Award Winner
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Woe Is She

Jenny is jobless, homeless, has been diagnosed with depression, and is trying hard to get better. As Jenny recovers, she stays with her best friend Nicole, a flippant, somewhat superficial but well-meaning bad influence. Can friendship cure depression? No. But what if it’s all you’ve got?
NYWIFT Member Kathleen Simmonds
(Ex. Producer & Actress)

Best Web Series – First Place
Best Dramedy – First Place
Best Supporting Role – First Place, Kathleen Simmonds
Best Actress – Second Place, Stephanie Fagan
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Congratulations again to all the winners!