New Works Lab

The 2016 New Works Lab reading of Ask for Jane – now a feature film!


The NYWIFT New Works Lab affinity group welcomes writers, actors, producers, directors, and filmmakers. 

The Lab was formed to give writers a chance to hear their screenplays, plays, and TV series read out loud so they can see what works, what doesn’t, and make changes accordingly. The aim of the Lab is to get these works into production!

The Lab meets on Zoom and scenes are read by the participants. Writers are welcome to bring in 10-12 pages of a screenplay, TV series, or stage play. We also welcome look books, pitch decks, and treatments. 

At the end of the season, several works are selected for live staged-readings for an audience of NYWIFT members with the hopes of attracting media professionals to help get these projects made. This year, the group will present one or more short films workshopped in the Lab.

The group is led by NYWIFT members Desiree Rucker and Jaclyn Powell and meets 11 AM-2 PM every other Saturday on Zoom, excluding holiday weekends. 

A Zoom email invitation is sent a day or two in advance of the meeting. Those who wish to read should send their pages in advance of the meeting as the readings are in order of submission.

Questions? Contact Desiree Rucker and Jaclyn Powell:


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