New Members

Ariel Baska
Writer, Producer, Director
Ariel Baska is a writer, director, and producer specializing in horror and documentary. She is also a podcaster on social justice projects.

Sarah Beim
Sarah Beim is a creative and artistic film professional with a passion for film editing.

Amy Chaudry
Actor, Producer, Writer
Amy Chaudry has a background in acting, producing, and screenwriting. She recently co-founded The Parker Bowles Film Program in Manhattan to teach children the art of filmmaking.

Dani de Jesus
Producer, Alejandro Films
Dani de Jesus is an award-winning educator, facilitator, and filmmaker from Los Angeles, CA. She is a Producer at Alejandro Films.

GiGi Dessources
Operations Manager, Breaker Studios
GiGi Dessources is a dynamic and motivated professional in the operations and film production field.

Anya Dombrovskaya
Videographer, Director, Producer
Anya Dombrovskaya is a Russian-American videographer and filmmaker passionate about independent film. She’s directed and produced three short films in Durham, NC.

Jennifer Dunnington
Music Editor
Jennifer Dunnington has worked in the film industry as a music editor for over 28 years. She has worked on features, documentaries and musicals with many directors including Martin Scorsese, Rob Marshall, Mira Nair, Ken Burns, Ang Lee and David Cronenberg.

Cayla Einstein
Cinema Masters Student (MLA), UPenn
Cayla Einstein is a current Masters student at the University of Pennsylvania, and has spent her professional career working in marketing and preproduction. She looks forward to working on the important stories of the next generation.

Corinne Foley
Content Acquisitions & Development, Aperture Film Company
Corinne Foley develops book-to-film properties and original screenplays for packaging and production with a focus on high-quality independent films and limited series for the global digital streaming marketplace and for national and international theatrical distribution.

Andrea Frierson
Actor & Writer
Andrea Frierson is a Broadway, television and film actor, a tv and film writer, and a new director developing a documentary about her relationship to singing through the lens of her parents, both NYC opera singers and Juilliard graduates.

Alicia Herder
Writer, Director, Producer
Alicia Herder is a writer, director, producer, and podcaster whose work explores the dark side of human nature and how that darkness impacts our societies.

Lee Kim
Actress & Attorney
Lee Kim is an actress, attorney, analyst, photographer, poet, and cybersecurity expert andan executive member of the Hollywood Radio and Television Society

Raqi Lily
Executive Producer & Director, Fart Hauz Productions
Raqi Lily serves as a multi-hyphenate executive producer, artist and director who owns a boutique production company with a hilarious name and is proudly bringing joy to every set she walks on.

Kate Maracle
Kate Maracle is a playwright whose plays have been performed at readings by such notable actors as Brian Dennehy, Brooke Shields, and Lily Rabe. She has been a semi-finalist for the O’Neill National Playwrights Conference and is a first-time female filmmaker in the 50 plus age range.

Jessica Martins
Producer, Manager, Financier
Jessica Martins is the Founder of Hero Entertainment Group, which represents actors, singer, writers, directors and projects in the U.S. and Canada.

Osaretin Omorodion
Osaretin Omorodion is a director of two shorts and one feature film.

Julianna Pitt
Director & Actress
Julianna Pitt is an award-winning shorts director foraying into directing episodic and features.

Serife Potuk
Serife Potuk is a cinematographer and a producer originally from Turkey. She has been writing and producing her films since 2015 and is a graduate of the New York Digital Film Academy.

Beth Rehman
Writer & Communications Professional
Beth Rehman is a freelance communications professional and screenwriter.

Treeva Royes
Art & Creative Director
Treeva Royes is an eclectic art & creative Director, podcast host to a hilarious new pop culture podcast, and part-time professor at Parsons School of Design.

Thais Sherell
Producer, Director, Writer
Thais Sherell is a producer, director, writer who is passionate about projects that incorporate faith in and surrounding life’s journey.

Hayden Shinger 
Actress & Producer
Hayden Shinger is an actress, producer and writer whose work includes appearances on Grey’s Anatomy and multiple indie films on Netflix.

Daryn Simons Kirsten
CEO, Cohesive Entertainment Group LLC
Daryn Simons is a producer, talent manager, digital strategist, entrepreneur and past President of the TMA – Talent Managers Association. Daryn won The Heller Award for Talent Manager of the Year in 2015 and produced The Heller Awards with Sharon Stone, Joan Rivers, and Betty White.

Lisa Thompson
Writer, Filmmaker and Curator
Lisa Thompson is the Writer, Producer and Co-director of 2021 documentary short, The Essex Marketand Co-Author of The Sculpture of Frank Dobson which was commissioned and published by The Henry Moore Foundation.

Breton Tyner-Bryan
Director, Choreographer, Actor
Breton Tyner-Bryan is a director, choreographer, actor, and costume designer in New York City and Los Angeles. She has won awards at World London FF, New York Shorts IFF, Big Apple FF, and more.

Caroline Vokas
Caroline Vokas is a filmmaker, freelance editor, and assistant editor.

Eileen Weisinger
Actor & Stunt Coordinator
Eileen Weisinger is a 20-year professional stuntwoman, actress and burgeoning intimacy coordinator.

Judy Wernsing
Judy Wensing is a singer and actress and served as production bookkeeper for the award-winning films Blue Caprice and Run.

Kirsten Wright
Screenwriter & Producer
Kirsten Wright is a screenwriter, producer, and Owner of Story Tiles Media LLC.