Moshulu Parkway


This short (15 minute) film comedy set in 1941 The Bronx, New York is a window into the world of a loving Jewish famil during World War II.

The Jewish community, who lived on Moshulu Parkway, the main thoroughfare in the Bronx, were the embodiment of a belief system that says tradition is sacrosanct. Family is everything. They are the source and foundation of enormous comfort, joy and most of all, humor. In this particular family, the Kronenfelds, love is unconditional. Breaking with tradition is not.

Moshulu Parkway is a about family members wanting to protect each other from bad news during the dark years of World War II, a teenaged girl hoping the war won’t take away her first love, and humorous petty jealousies among neighbors but most of all, it is a singular insight into one family’s desire to keep and hold dear the values of their forefathers.

The characters are based on my grandmother, grandfather, my mother, aunt and my great Aunt Dora who ran a crap game out of her apartment — god bless her heart – and, as they say, was particularly nice to the men who rented out her second bedroom.

In this era of chaos and darkness of spirit, my film is a loving journey into the lightness and simplicity of yesteryear and a whimsical remembrance of days gone by.