METROLINER (1974-75)

               Director Victoria Hochberg

As stated in 1976 in a Eugene, Oregon film program, “METROLINER, described by Hochberg as a “surreal industrial,” is thought to be an unlikely first film by a woman. She herself questioned why she was making a film about a traditionally male domain, when, after all, she wasn’t even particularly interested in trains. The film was inspired by a train ride from New York to Washington DC one afternoon during which she fell into a 3-hour conversation with the engineer who quietly pointed out various historic points along the route. She began to see the train not as a symbol of male power but as an object which builds momentum, much in the manner that film does, as it moves through time and history.”  This half-hour documentary celebrates one of America’s most beloved forms of transportation and travel experiences. 16mm, B7W, Sound, 35 min.