mary ellen williams williams
Managing member
Bellchase Productions
Ursula Williams
Production Manager
Molly Williamson
Executive Director
Rolling Pin Film Productions, INC
Trevite Willis
Southern Fried Filmworks
Nitza Wilon
Iris Productions
Kaleena V Wilson
Production Set Hair Stylist
Kaleena V Wilson
Mayela Wilson
Production Finance, Writer, Producer
Lauren Wimbush
Associate Producer / Archival Producer
Amelia M. Winfree
VP, Sponsorship & Client Services / Producer
ABFF Ventures LLC ChiYork Productions LLC
Rebecca Wingle
Executive Assistant
The Film Foundation
Julie Winokur
Executive Director
Talking Eyes Media
Dara Wishingrad
Production Designer
Jill Wisoff
Fantasy Creature films LLC
Kristin Withers
Senior Vice President of Worldwide Creative Content
Sony Pictures
Mikaela Wohl
Costume Designer
Yvette Wojciechowski
Film and TV Editor
Women in Production, NYC
Rachel Wolak-Frank
Associate Creative Director / Film Director
Ogilvy & Mather
Samantha Wolinsky
Freelance Publicist
Jennifer Wollan
President/Executive Producer
Reel Biography