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Callie Hanau

Callie Hanau is a versatile creative producer experienced in documentary film, narrative shorts, 3D animation, AR/XR & Virtual Production. Her directorial debut, “SUPER”, recently won Best Documentary (New York Short Film Festival) & Best Director (Queens World Film Festival).

Full Bio
I am a versatile producer with a passion for telling powerful, character-driven stories within a variety of mediums. I have a breadth of experience, having worked on branded nonfiction content, narrative short films, feature-length documentaries, 3D animation and emerging technologies like AR, XR and Virtual Production.

At my best when surrounded by other creative adventurers, I am skilled in leading teams of multidisciplinary creators in order to turn crazy ideas into triumphant realities.

I gravitate towards projects that inject a little bit of magic into our everyday lives. Whether it's a microbudget short film exploring modern-day love spells, or the very first AR audience at a major sporting event, my work is designed to ignite imaginations and challenge expectations.

In my spare time, you'll usually find me working on a crossword puzzle with my giant dog, OB, by my side.

Professional Credits
"Alter Ego" (Fox) - Avatar/Motion Capture Producer

"Iron Chef: The Legend Reborn" (Netflix) - XR/AR Producer

"March Madness" (CBS) - AR Producer

"Cheetos"(Frito Lay) - Animation Producer
Industry Awards
Best Documentary ("SUPER") - New York Short Film Festival
Best Director ("SUPER") - Queens World Film Festival