Elsie Consuelo Stark

Elsie Consuelo Stark

Casting Director Owner
Stark Naked Productions Inc

Casting Director/Producer with over 25 years of experience in all areas of the industry.

Full Bio
Casting Director/Producer, Elsie Stark is passionate about casting. Searching for the perfect actors that will bring to life her clients projects is a rush. She believes in diversity; diversity in the type of projects that she casts, as well as diversity in the kind of actors that she works with. It is what makes SNP one of the most successful, creative, cutting edge and diversified casting offices in New York. It has been her manifesto since she became a Casting Director.

With many years of experience in casting she has attained extensive knowledge of the unlimited talent pool in the U.S. and internationally. Her home base of New York gives her an endless creative pool of talent that can fill any casting need. In addition, Ms. Stark's expertise, background and language skills has made SNP the premiere casting office for the exploding Spanish commercial market and other projects in many other languages.

Film credits include the currently released in _x001C_America Adrift_x001D_ with Loren Luna Velez, which

Professional Credits
Film: America Adrift, Ilegals, Cassanova Was A Woman, Dollar Night, Blue Diner, All Night Bodega, Dance With Me, The Final Patient. Theater: Fandango for Butterflies (and Coyotes), Children of Salt, LatinoLogues, Manuel vs. The Statue of Liberty, 4 Guys Named Jose...and a mujer named Maria, Latin Heat, Ourselves Alone. TV: In Pursuit John Walsh, Crimes of Fashion, Missing Reward, Unsolved Mysteries, Breaking Vegas. Commercials: Over 7000 on-camera and voiceover commercials for major advertisers