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Victoria Bugbee

Director & Producer
Victoria Bugbee Productions

Victoria Bugbee is an artist working as a writer, director and producer of film, stage, and audience immersive performance. She is also a visual artist and production designer.

Full Bio
Victoria Bugbee is an award winning artist who moves seamlessly between media be it film, theater, site performance or visual arts.

Recently she finished her first feature film"Out of State-A Gothic Romance" co-written with her late cousin Charles Bugbee. Working with a micro budget, Victoria was Ex. Producer, producer, director and production designer.

Her experience working with Bill Marpet, Director, and Andy Biskin of B Productions creating fashion videos and TV specials informed her creative approach to filmmaking. As a playwright and her audience immersive plays and videos have taken place in a laundromat, auto body shop, furniture store windows and an urban parking lot as well as Lincoln Center.

Bugbee's articles about feature films and commercials have appeared in American Cinematographer, Millimeter Magazine, Shoot, Computer Pictures, Art Papers and the Paris publication Sequence.

Bugbee's exhibition of her Chinatown artwork combined with fireworks was titled "KABOOM" by the NYTimes

Professional Credits
"Out of State-A Gothic Romance" Executive Producer, Co-writer, producer and director of the independent feature film.

"Murphy Brown's 25th Anniversary Reunion" TV Special for STARZ. Special Projects Producer for B Productions

"The Making of Fashion Week" CBS TV Special. Special Projects Producer Productions

"The Gas Station Project" Writer and Director of the audience immersive play and video CBSs The Actors Lab at "The Guiding Light."

"A Surreal Soap Opera-Toxic Waste Meets Beach Resort" Writer, Director, Producer of the audience immersive play and video at Lincoln Center

"Life & Death With Business In Between" Writer, Director, Producer of surreal musical and video. The Downtown Ten Show at Benson's Furniture Store

"The Atlanta Trilogy" 3 site specific performance works including "Boxer Shorts" video and "Murder at Le Pavillion Hotel."

"KABOOM" a traveling exhibition of over 30 mural size drawings, paintings and sculpture of Chinatown cityscapes combined with fireworks wrappers.
Industry Awards
New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship Playwriting /Screenwriting

Lincoln Center Commission to write, direct and produce "A Surreal Soap Opera-Toxic Waste Meets Beach Resort."

Three Artist Initiated Grants-The Bureau of Cultural Affairs, City of Atlanta
Artist in Residence-New Arts Program-Kutztown, PA.