Bernice Gonzalez Bofill

Bernice Gonzalez Bofill

Senior Video Editor, Writer, Producer, Director, Colorist

Multidisciplinary Filmmaker based In Brooklyn, NY

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Bernice González Bofill

Video Editor, Colorist, Animator, Director, Retoucher, Compositor

I will always remember my grandmother with a camera. She loved to take pictures. She took really weird pictures, she usually cut out something, she’d cut someones head, leave someone out, take the picture crooked. Regardless the perfect imperfections, those pictures tell part of the story of my family. Same goes with my father, he was always with a super 8 camera and we had a super 8 projector. Every week we gathered to watch the family movies and animated cartoons. Then he got a VHS camera, he brought that big thing to family trips and gatherings. Still today he always carries his little digital camcorder everywhere, and even though we have not gathered to watch the recordings on those tapes and cards and films in a long time, I know those memories are guarded and protected by the magnetic tapes and ones and zeroes where they are hidden.

I am a New York City-based editor, colorist and animator.

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Industry Awards
PR Short Film Festival