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Nominated for an Academy Award in the Short Documentary category. Focused on an adult neighbor with mental retardation, who lives on government assistance, but raises thousands of dollars for charity every year. Televised on Cinemax in 2003. Winner 25 awards in over 70 film festivals. Distributed through New Day Films, a distribution company owned and operated by filmmakers. BODY & SOUL: DIANA and KATHY Two women with a 40 year friendship are disability rights activists. Won Henry Hampton Award from The Council on Foundations, Best of the Fest-SuperFest, AAIDD Media Award, TASH Award, has screened at Full Frame Documentary Festival, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, and internationally in Moscow and Toronto.

Miracle on 42nd Street, 2020 NY Emmy Nominee, Documentary about affordable housing for artists and the Manhattan Plaza residence that helped to turn Times Square into a tourist destination.



Professional Credits
Director: Miracle on 42nd Street, (NY Emmy Nominee), The Collector of Bedford Street (HBO), Body & Soul:Diana & Kathy PBS(docs), ACTIVATE HERE (web series). Accommodation (3 short films). Writ: The Tale of the Bookish Babysitter (Are You Afraid of the Dark Series, Nickelodeon/Kandel Enterprises)
Industry Awards
2020 NY Emmy Nomination, 2012 Guggenheim Fellowship, Academy Award Nomination, Audience Award, Horizon Award Aspen Short Film Festival,USA Festival Family Award. Florida Film Festival Audience Award

favorite short film and Florida Forever Filmmaker Award, National Council on Foundations-Henry Hampton Award Heartland Festival Crystal Heart Award, Best Doc Silver Street Film and Video Festival, Big Bear Lake Jury Prize Best Doc, Ojai Film Festival the Theme Award.
Content Types
Commercial Production, Documentary, Reality/Unscripted
Consultant, Director, Narrator/Voice-Over
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Hat Trick
Screenplay (Comedy, Romance)
Log Line:
(written with Cliff Bryant) When a handsome, young tennis pro is mistaken for gay, he decides to play along so he can tryst with married women without arousing the suspicions of their husbands.
During a summer in Martha's Vineyard, Jack pretends to be gay to keep aggressive, jealous husbands off the track of his affairs with their wives. Unexpectedly, he meets the love of his life, the beautiful, but engaged, Amanda. Jack can't woo her or tell her he's really straight because she respects his honesty and thinks he's perfect for her brother. When needy married women, jealous husbands, an amorous boyfriend, an angry roommate, and a new found love are more than he can handle, Jack learns that the truth just might get you further than a lie.