Mia Allen

Mia Allen

Director, Producer, Editor
Alight Films

Mia Allen is a filmmaker, photographer, editor, and actor based in New York City. She specializes in story-driven visual media that expresses the connecting undercurrent of human emotion.

Full Bio
Mia Allen began her career as an actor and model, working for more than a decade with brands like Peet’s Coffee, Verizon, Sorel, The Oregon Lottery, Portland Monthly Magazine, NBC’s, The Discovery Channel, and several award-winning independent features, short films, and music videos.

During this time, Mia became increasingly fascinated with how images were created and sought mentorship from many of the seasoned photographers and cinematographers that she had worked with. She began to migrate behind the camera motivated by an interest in documenting a world she found more relatable than that which she had been contributing to as a performer.

After managing production and sales at a Portland-based production company, Mia co-founded Alight Films and took a leadership role as a producer and director. To date, she has amassed a body of work that includes a politically-driven PSA entitled One Nation Under Ice, which was a 2019 Aesthetica Official Select

Professional Credits
Endless Forms Most Beautiful, 2023
Directed, Filmed, Edited short documentary about artist Janelle Lynch
Hortus Arboretum, 2022
Directed, Filmed, Edited a commissioned short documentary about the founders of Hortus Arboretum
The Philo Den, 2022
Directed, Filmed, Edited a short documentary about horticulturist Mackenzie Lea Kuntz
Paper Flowers, 2020
Directed, Edited a commissioned short film about artist/designer Sourabh Gupta
Unfixed, 2020 - 2022
Produced, edited, filmed/directed segments of a monthly YouTube series about people living with chronic conditions
The Immigrant Story, 2019
Directed, produced, and edited a series of short-documentaries recounting the experiences of immigrants living in Portland, Oregon
Bravo Summer Sessions, 2019
Directed, filmed and edited for social media / internal content during Bravo's Youth Orchestra summer sessions
BetterHelp, 2021/2022
Directed, Produced, Edited national commercial campaign for BetterHelp

Industry Awards
"Best Actress" 2016 Portland Indie Film Awards

"Best Story", "Best Editing", "Jury Prize" 2020 PlantPOP Film Awards

"Best Ensemble Cast" 2021 FilmQuest Film Festival

"Best Story" 2021 PlantPOP Film Awards