Janel Tanna

Janel Tanna

Janel Tanna LLC

Full Bio
Will email. There is an abbreviated CV on my website listed above.

Professional Credits
Numerous Independent films and series at the producer (6), writer (3) and actor (21) level. Some theater credits. Most film listed on imdb.

Industry Awards
Several on independent film festival circuit nationally and internationally. At Executive producer, writer and acting level awards. Also listed on CV.

Wins include: Best film (Sienna's Choice) a medically based film which I served as EP, Writer and lead actress (as well as medical expert). Audience Choice (Eurocinema, Geneva Switzerland), Excellence in Screenwriting (Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema), Best Screenplay (Hudson Valley International Film festival), Best Score (IIFC), Best actress (10 wins at various locations for myself-LA, NJ, Vancouver, Sutter Creek, California, Buffalo, etc),Female filmmaker 2nd prize (Northeast Film festival), best supporting actor and actress (x's 1 for cast members). Nominations include all of the above categories as well as Best female producer, Best female screenwriters, Best cinematography, Best director, Best Ensemble Cast (twice).

For the short film, If Only for a Moment, which I also served as the Executive producer, lead story writer, creator and lead ac