Vesna Loney
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    320 Riverside Drive, Suite 10H,
    New York, NY, 10025, United States of America

Vesna Loney

Terra Media.Inc.

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Vesna Loney

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Vesna Loney is the founder and president of Terra Entertainment, a New York based international distribution company. Ms Loney stated her career in films and television in late seventies in Former Yugoslavia. She worked for television and she was the head of acquisitions, the head of the film department and the head of cultural production department. For six years Vesna represented the interests of JRT (Yugoslav TV) in European Broadcasting Union based in Geneva. Since arriving to New York in 1986. Vesna has been involved in various aspects of marketing and public relations, as well as international broadcasting and distribution. Her ties with the television and film community in all countries of Ex Yugoslavia, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina remain very strong.