Priya Mishra

Priya Mishra


Priya Mishra is an award-winning writer and director who’s burning white hollywood to the ground.

Full Bio
Based in New York City, she wrote, directed, and co-produced her debut short film, "Bath Bomb" (2021), in Fall 2019.

Premiering at the Tokyo International Short Film Festival (2021), where was a finalist, "Bath Bomb" was awarded Best Short at the LGBTQ+ Los Angeles Film Festival (2022), Marudham Film Fest (2022), and Japan International Film Festival (2022). "Bath Bomb" has played at eleven other amazing film festivals across six different countries, where it has been a finalist at seven of them.

Her work on "Only Business" (2022), the second short she directed, earned her the "Outstanding Female Filmmaker" award at Katra Film Series (2022).

A queer second generation Indian immigrant who has lived in New York her whole life, and a girl who lost her mom during her junior year of college, Priya’s work centers love, grief, acceptance, social-critique, and embracing your anger. Priya hopes that her work will make audiences feel more connected with other human beings, more angry at the state of the worl