Jaclyn S. Powell

Creative Director
Fledgling Film Productions
Industry Awards
New York Film and TV Festival Best Short Script
Writer's Group works
The Last Shred of Daylight
Screenplay (Drama)
Log Line:
The abused wife of a tenant farmer thinks she has nothing to live for when her husband abandons her and their failing farm.
The theme of the story is universal, when one door closes, another one opens. The lives of a couple, Dex and Marla Clayton, unravel after they suffer a traumatic loss. Dex takes his anger and frustrations out on his wife and punishes her by not letting her go to town. When an opportunity for work arises, Dex abandons Marla and the farm. Thinking she has nothing to live for, Marla contemplates suicide. As she makes her preparations, a young neighbor approaches Marla for help. What happens next change everything.
The Conversion
Screenplay (Drama, Romance)
Log Line:
An atheistic divorcee tries to set aside her beliefs in search of company at her community church and becomes smitten by the Priest.
(A shorthand version was my first continuity film and first music video.) The Conversion tells the story of Abbie, a lonely divorcee who envies the relationships she observes in the congregation of a neighborhood church. An atheist, Abbie walks by the church daily with her dog. New to the neighborhood, Abbie decides to attend a service and participate in community activities for the companionship. Abbie falls in love with Father Michael and isn't aware at first that he is celibate. After spending some time with Abbie, Father Michael falls in love with her, then he discovers she is an atheist and he feels betrayed. Their relationship requires both of them to examine their beliefs to see if there is a place where they can meet.
Storme the Toad Crusher (or How Storme Unravels the SIMstress)
Screenplay (Comedy, Coming of age, Family)
Log Line:
A computer whiz kid's overbearing mother makes him play video games that she always wins until, one night, he's struck by lightening and both their lives are changed.
Storme, a computer geek and whiz kid, escapes his manipulative, overbearing mother through video games. When he loses to her, she's off his back and he's free from her demands for awhile. Then, on Halloween Eve, he's cursed with the inability to lose and their game becomes a life and death struggle that only one can win.
Screenplay (Romance)
Log Line:
A tale of romance in the modern era of computer dating.
A mis-en-scene, Match.Com shows a modern date where a couple are to meet for a first time.
Kill Switch
Screenplay (Drama, Suspense)
Log Line:
A well-liked but politically ambivalent doctor's life is on the line when he discovers a government conspiracy to control health care costs by euthanizing the elderly and infirm, misusing a data program he designed for beneficial purposes.
Dr. Noah Holden Miller developed a program to track medical records of everyone in the world for MedTech, the company that controls the system. He was told the purpose of the program is to locate organ transplant matches, provide DNA ID’s in mass casualties and stem epidemics like Ebola. Noah and his mother, Maggie, are so close that Noah bought the brownstone across the street when he and his now ex-wife married. Desperate for grandchildren, Maggie sets Noah up with Natalie, a beautiful hedge fund manager with a sketchy past. Maggie, a youthful 65, falls while out running. With no obvious injury, Noah is stunned when Maggie dies a short time later. Though grief-stricken, at Maggie’s memorial service, Noah suddenly becomes aware of the number of lifelong friends and neighbors who are missing. The clock begins to tick when Noah and his best friend, Aaron, discover that a computer error placed Maggie into a medically induced coma. They discover that MedTech is a front for a coalition of governments looking for a solution to the financial burden of an aging population that just doesn’t die. Monitoring has been conducted for years via web cams and computerized medical records. Through a search of his mother’s medical records, Noah and Aaron discover a "kill switch" is being implanted in citizens worldwide. A person’s health is monitored by a centralized computer system. The decision to hit the kill switch is based on predetermined criteria: length of illness or infirmity, age, cost of medical care and chances of recovery. Once a determination that the maximum financial threshold is met, a computer triggers the kill switch. Due to age or infirmity, the cause of death is presumed to be natural. Noah’s college girlfriend, Juliette, always a socially conscious ideologue, reappears in his life to try and warn Noah of the danger he is in and introduce him to the son he doesn’t know he has. Compelled to action, can Noah expose the conspiracy before he himself is killed? How was the kill switch implanted without public knowledge? Who would implant the device without concern for the ethical implications of murder? How was the elimination process begun without alerting those opposed to a system of "selective euthanasia"? Can the computer system be overridden to kill at will, rather than by the predetermined factors? Until Noah puts together the pieces, he doesn't know if he has the switch and whether he can trust anyone, even his girlfriend, Natalie. The issue is hyper-relevant at this time of corporate greed and mandated and/or unavailable health care. An unaware population is easily taken advantage of by unwatched government actors.