Connie Bottinelli
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    Office:   609 922-1960
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    9080 Spring Mountain Way,
    Fort Myers, FL, 33908, United States of America

Connie Bottinelli

Director / Producer
Grinning Doc Pictures

Connie Bottinelli is a documentary filmmaker of independent and network films who is based in NY and Florida and has been winning awards since 1986.

Full Bio
Broadcast/Cable networks: Discovery Global, TCL, CBS, NBC, CourtTV, Fox, Hearst Entertainment, Lifetime Television, Nickelodeon

Professional Credits
Founder of Grinning Dog Pictures 1995
Industry Awards
Emmys, NY International Film Festival, San Francisco Intern'l Film Festival award, CINE Golden Eagle, Houston International gold, silver and bronze awards, Cable ACE, NATPE Iris, Worldfest Flagstaff gold, Angel Award, Pennsylvania Literacy award