Severine Reisp
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Severine Reisp


I am a passionate German/American filmmaker based in NYC.

Full Bio
Severine Reisp is a passionate filmmaker based in New York City. For her, film is a medium that can help find empathy and acceptance for unique differences. Having lived in different countries and searching for a sense of belonging, she likes making films that entertain, empathize, and challenge viewers to think about topical cultural issues in society while imparting emotions commonly held by people worldwide.
She received a scholarship to Sarah Lawrence College, where she discovered her passion for filmmaking, and also went on to pursue her MFA in Film from the City College of New York. Since then, she has directed multiple award-winning short films and music videos.

Professional Credits
Creative Producer @Christies
Producer @Animatic Media
Segment Producer @ARD
Segment Producer @Prosieben Sat1 Media

Director, Writer and Editor of 7 award winning short films:
Industry Awards
2023 Best Short Film, Divulge International Film Festival: Deceive
2022 Audience Choice Award, Yonkers Film Festival: Deceive
2021 Best Cinematography Award, Paris Art and Movie Awards: Deceive
2021 Excellence in Editing Award: Deceive, Sara Booth Fund
2020 First Place Winner, Dr. David Milch Scholarship: CCNY Short Film Competition: Short biopic Dance for Freedom
2020 Aphrodite Cinematic Award/Female Filmmaker with a Promising Film Career: A Tango to Remember, Cyprus International Film Festival
2020 Best Romance Film: A Tango to Remember, Los Angeles Film Awards
2020 Best Music Video: Stop What You're Doing, Athens Digital Film Festival
2020 Best Women Filmmaker: A Tango to Remember, Atman Film Festival
2019 Best Musical: Ruminate, Oniros Film Awards
2019 Best Romance: Ruminate, Oniros Film Awards