Ariel Baska

Ariel Baska

Executive Producer
Ride the Omnibus Inc.

Horror and documentary writer/director, producer and podcaster on social justice projects

Full Bio
Ariel Baska is an openly disabled horror and documentary filmmaker. As a former teacher, she is deeply interested in film's potential to shape the future. She recently completed her horror short about medical gaslighting, Our First Priority, which she wrote, directed, and successfully Kickstarted. She is also in production on a documentary series about medical bias, White Coat Syndrome. Additionally, she is attached as producer on three projects - Mike Mignola-Drawing Monsters, a documentary about the creator of Hellboy, Latasha Harlins, a biopic of a noted social activist, and Liftoff, an animated feature from Signing Animation, a studio of D/deaf and hearing impaired animators.

She is the founder, co-host and executive producer of Ride the Omnibus, a podcast parked at the intersection of pop culture and social justice. She writes about disability representation for her column in Ghouls Magazine, where she regularly contributes film reviews and analysis. Her comic book analysis and criticism can be f

Professional Credits
As writer/director:
she's never been a bird before - experimental animation featured at Engauge Experimental Film Festival

Our First Priority - horror short, featured at Final Girls Berlin Film Festival

White Coat Syndrome - documentary web series

As producer:

Mike Mignola - Drawing Monsters - Documentary about the creator of Hellboy

Sister Radio - documentary about two Black journalists, an ocean apart

Latasha Harlins - biopic of a social justice activist

Liftoff - animated film about a Deaf dancer from studio of D/deaf/HoH animators
Industry Awards
Our First Priority - Screenplay Semi-Finalist at Filmquest, ScreenCraft Film Fund Quarter-Finalist, Sundance Collab Scholarship Winner for Screenwriting & Directing
Professional Groups
NYWIFT Committees
Archive, Fund for Women Filmmakers, International, New Works Lab, Women's Film Preservation Fund, Writers Group
Content Types
Documentary, Narrative Features, Web series
Director, Journalist, Writer
Business Types
Nonprofit, Production Company, Publishing
Foreign Languages Spoken
Writer's Group works
Our First Priority
Screenplay (Horror)
Log Line:
A young girl’s experience of medical gaslighting leads to the emergence of a supernatural force for revenge.