Laurie Weltz
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Laurie Weltz

Professional Credits
Dir/Writ: About Scout (feature Breaking Glass) Wrestling with Alligators (feat, Portman Ent). Writ: Watermoon (feat Homegrown Pic). Prod/Dir/Writ: At Five & Twenty-Five (USA). Ed: Shock Video (HBO). Heroes (A&E).
Industry Awards
Sundance, Slamdance screenplay finalist, Beigel Screenplay Award, 2 ACE noms, Gold Jury Award.
Writer's Group works
Monkey River
Screenplay (Adventure, Family)
Log Line:
Two kids find out that brains can triumph over brawn when it comes to matching wits with pirates who have kidnapped their father.
When Jake McManus invents the world's first metal detector, he becomes a target for Proud Pete and his band of pirates who are searching for their stolen treasure. Jake isn't sure where his metal detector has gone to, and so in retaliation, the pirates kidnap him. Jake's two children, Nick and Tomi, return from school one day to find their father gone, their house burned to the ground, and mean old Mrs.Horrefy, the matron of the orphanage, after them. When Proud Pete learns that Nick and Tomi have the metal detector, he sets his sights on them. The children must elude the pirates and find a way to rescue their father before Proud Pete and his men kill him.