Jean Criss

Jean Criss

Founder & CEO
Jean Criss Media, LLC

Jean Criss, NYWIFT Communications Contributing Writer, Author, Digital Media and Festival Producer, Fashion Designer. At NYWIFT, Jean thrives on bringing conversation to communities with LIVE coverage via blogs posts, articles, social media, podcasts and at signature events.

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At Jean Criss Media, as Founder of a creative media services business, I found my passion with writing and content creation. I have accomplished a lot throughout my career from the corporate workplace, on the agency side, and now as a leading entrepreneur. I have crossed many industries and networked at the highest levels finding my niche and passion which lies in media, innovation and fashion design.
I welcome new business opportunities and encourage you to take a peek at my prior work and client success stories. I am seeking contract and full-time work in media while my fashion business obtains funding to elevate to the next level.

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My Pain Woke Me Up - Trilogy Series
Book (Action, Comedy, Non-Fiction, Drama, Autobiography, Family)
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"My Pain Woke Me Up - BLISS, Legal Injustice and LIVE Your Dreams" - three candid stories about Jean's life through widowhood, divorce, breast cancer, and the pursuit of happiness to becoming an entrepreneur. As a single mother of 2 most her life, Jean was laid off from corporate workplace, became an entrepreneur while recovering from breast cancer and battling a contentious divorce - the hardship days. She sought out to start a small business and started a creative media services agency, expanded her franchise into innovation with fashion, digital media, writing, blogging, and more. Today, she is a contributing writer and columnist in fashion and media and loves to travel and design. She is a producer of all forms of media as well.